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Technology Screening and Assessment

It takes a very special person to be an Exact Tech Staff, Inc.® associate. Every applicant must complete Exact Tech Staff's extensive evaluation and screening before they are invited to join our team. Not only do we seek technology associates with excellent skills but we also want to understand their goals and what motivates them to be the most productive performer possible. Exact Tech Staff has developed unique performance testing and interviewing methods that ensure our clients only top quality technology associates that are unconditionally guaranteed.

Performance Assessment

Each step of our evaluation process is specifically designed to make detailed assessments of our applicant in key areas that ensure productive placement. We evaluate applicants carefully and make an objective appraisal measuring:

  • Ability/Experience
  • Willingness/Attitude
  • Dependability/Flexibility
  • Poise/Professionalism
  • Motivation/Productivity

Exact Tech Staff tests each of our applicants using standardized and customized practical examinations. We are able to measure skill levels in over 700 software applications, including the tech skills and applications our clients rely on daily.


During the application process, each Exact Tech Staff candidate is asked to:

  • Complete and sign reference check information for past employers. We personally verify job history before any associate is sent on assignment. When verifying employment history we also look to gain insight into the applicants work style, confirm skill assessments and determine suitability for employment.
  • Participate in a one-on-one behavioral-based interview. Guiding the applicant through their individual work history, questions are posed in an open-ended format rather than in the simple yes or no response method. We find that allowing the applicant to describe past work experience and job descriptions is far superior in assessing individual qualifications than that of short answer. Our goal in the evaluation of past work history is to clearly identify the level and scope of each position held.
  • Describe any physical limitations and/or reasonable accommodations necessary to perform essential job functions
  • Provide copies of any/all certifications which are then re-verified by our staff
  • Take in depth skills evaluations for each skill set identified
  • Provide all valid documents to be E-verified once hired through Exact Tech Staff
  • Observe and then be tested on in depth safety training for the workplace
  • Listen and participate in a detailed orientation

With the additional assurance of working interviews and performance guarantees, you can be certain that your decision to partner with Exact Tech Staff for all of your human capital needs is an excellent one. Our standards are high, our processes are proven and our results provide the EXACT MATCH that both our clients and associates expect.