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Staffing Technology

Web Based Time Tracking That Helps Technology Departments

Our staffing technology makes it easy for HR and technology department managers to track contract talent. Web-based time capture eliminates the need for paper time sheets, which require manual processing and can slow down operations. Individual paper timesheets also make it difficult to track time approval by project and offer no easy way for managers to see spend on contract staffing. Our system is 100% paperless and all time submissions and approvals happen in real-time through a secure web portal. The result is an elimination of potential time tracking errors, faster pay for contract talent and more time for technology managers to focus on priorities.

Custom Reporting

In addition to offering easy and accurate time management, our technology also gives clients instant access to their staffing spend per project, per skill, or by any other area defined by the client. Project managers and IT executives can also track contract talent performance through KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Our Staffing Technology Benefits

  • Web-based and available anywhere including mobile devices
  • Secure and accurate time capture and approval methods
  • Real-time reporting on contract staffing spend and performance metrics
  • Accurate and customized invoicing