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Performance Metrics and Retention

Measuring Performance

Exact Tech Staff believes in recruiting the best talent in the tech industry, but we also are firm believers in tracking ongoing performance and ensuring our tech staff are exceeding expectations. We measure contract talent performance in three different areas:

  • Performance on a specific technology project
  • Performance history at a specific company or organization
  • Overall performance as an Exact Tech Staff associate

In addition to our tracking methods, many technology clients want to track performance using their own key performance indicators (KPIs). Exact Tech Staff can tailor our technology to track the required KPIs your firm uses to measure contract performance. This allows management to run customized reports in the firm's business language. In addition to leveraging technology, our Technology Staffing Specialists are in constant communication with clients during projects to ensure performance goals are being met.

Retaining Contract Talent

Retention is another key component to successfully staffing tech projects. If technology staff leave a project prematurely, the time it takes to get replacements up to speed can delay the project's completion. Exact Tech Staff has helped IT departments and technology managers reduce attrition and keep projects on-time in the following ways:

  • We offer completion bonuses and other benefits to contract technology talent
  • Technology staff who have a history of completing projects are offered new project assignments as they become available
  • We've built a staffing company that technology professionals enjoy working for. Our recruiters form strong relationships with the people they place. As a result our talent is incredibly loyal and dedicated to each and every project they take on.