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Job Seeker and Associate FAQ

You have questions and we have answers! The following are the most frequently asked questions by our job seekers and registered associates. Question not answered? Use our contact form to get a quick response from an Exact Staff Career Agent.

What do I need to register to work with Exact Staff?

If you are registering to work temp or temp to hire, you will need required I.D. for the I-9 form, two verifiable business references (You must have these references!) and an up-to-date resume. You will also need to come into our offices to be evaluated and interviewed. YOU SHOULD BE READY TO WORK IMMEDIATELY. If you are interested in full time work only, you may submit an up-to-date resume as well as a cover letter explaining your availability, you salary requirements and any additional information which will help us to understand your skills and requirements. All submissions are confidential.

What type of companies will I work for?

Exact Staff represents a wide range of companies across the United States. We choose to work with client companies that we believe will offer our associates challenging and exciting career opportunities. Our client companies typically do not advertise the job openings they give to Exact Staff.

Will I be charged a fee when you find employment for me?

There is never a fee to our associates. In fact, we offer many FREE services in addition to finding you an outstanding career opportunity. Additional Free Services include:

  • Computer Training
  • Resume Consultation and Writing
  • Skills Evaluation
  • and many Other Benefits!
How long will it take to find a position that matches my interests and skills?

This is a very difficult question to answer as it depends upon your skills, flexibility and what positions client companies may be looking to fill at the time you register with us. What we can tell you with certainty is that we will not throw you into a job you do not feel is appropriate for your skills, and we will not waste your time. Our career agents are dedicated to finding you the EXACT job to meet your skills and it is of no benefit to anyone to make the wrong match. We ask for your constant communication with us during the search process so that we can keep you updated on our efforts.

Where are most of your clients located?

Exact Staff has locations throughout the United States. Find the nearest Exact Staff office to you.

How long does it take to register?

Depending on your skills, allow for a minimum of one hour to register for temporary or temporary to hire employment. For full time work, only (delete only) an initial resume submission is required and you will be contacted with further instructions from one of our career agents

Will I be considered a "contract laborer" and, therefore, responsible for self-employment taxes?

You will be considered an employee of Exact Staff if you are a temporary associate and we will handle deducting the appropriate taxes (based on the W-4 information you give to us). If your are hired in a full time capacity at one of our client companies, they will be responsible for your tax deductions.

What happens to me if I decline to take a position you feel matches my requirements?

You are not obligated to accept a job from Exact Staff. Our staffing professionals attempt to find the exact job appropriate for your skills, and we will not waste your time calling you about mis-matched opportunities. Therefore, we hope that our associates will be eager to accept the opportunities we make available to them.

How much time will I have before I start to work?

Again, this is a difficult question to answer as it is based on what client companies have placed requests with us and if those requests meet your skills and qualifications.

What happens to me if the employer no longer needs my skills and services?

Exact Staff career agents will begin looking for a new assignment for you! Our goal is to keep you working.

Will I be required to take tests to obtain employment?

We will evaluate you based on the various skills you feel are your strong suits. Our testing systems are helpful for you to identify where you may need further study in your skills and what areas are your strengths.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer free software training on all the latest software programs. Simply register with us and call to get a convenient training time arranged!

Can I get medical insurance benefits?

Yes, Exact Staff offers access to medical benefits.

Can I qualify for benefits if I'm just a short-term or temporary employee?

You begin qualifying for benefits from the moment you start working at a client company for Exact Staff.