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  • Things You Should Never Do Right Before Bed

    03/25/19 11:15 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice | Leave a Comment
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    Sleep advice is everywhere.

    It seems that everyone is preaching about the importance of sleep and it’s enough to make us anxious. Even if you’re laying in bed for the recommended 7 to 9 hours, you might not be asleep the whole time or getting the kind of sleep you need. Poor sleep is associated with all kinds of health problems, not to mention the effect it has on your ability to stay focused and motivated during the day. Here are things you should never do right before bed to get the best rest possible.

    Work on Work

    It seems like a great idea to catch up on emails once you climb into bed, or even get a jump start on tomorrow’s tasks, but if you want to maximize your rest time, don’t. Just by putting yourself into a “work frame of mind,” you’re activating your brain and renewing any stressors that aggravated you during the day. Instead you want to feel nice and peaceful as your head hits the pillow.

    Drink Alcohol

    Though a glass of wine or a beer might help you relax as you unwind at night, it actually reduces your REM sleep. This is the sleep you need to feel fully rested in the morning, so you try to maximize it. Most people who have a drink or two before falling asleep report waking up throughout the night, often without being able to fall back asleep.

    Drink Too Much Water

    Nothing wakes you up in the middle of the night with as much urgency as a full bladder! Hydration is a big piece of good health, but sleep is just as important. Drink your water throughout the day and cut yourself off after dinnertime.

    Use Your Phone

    Screens—TV’s, phones, laptops, particularly the blue and white lights that they give off—prevent your brain from releasing melatonin, which is the hormone needed to fall asleep. So, though your phone is a good way to unwind and relax, it’s not helpful at inducing good, quality sleep.

    Eat Sugar

    You’ve eaten healthy all day long, don’t ruin it at bedtime! It’s tempting to grab a small piece of chocolate or have a bowl of ice cream when you’re watching your shows in the evening, but sugary, fatty foods may prevent you from entering a deep slumber and might even cause sleep interruptions. Not to mention the fact that chocolate contains caffeine!

    Eat Spicy Foods

    If you’re into spicier foods, reserve those meals for earlier in the day. Put hot sauce on your eggs at breakfast or stop at the taco truck at lunchtime. Spicy foods cause acid reflux and indigestion that sometimes can’t even be quelled with a handful of Tums.

    Up Late Thinking About Hiring?

    If you’re desire to grow your team is keeping you up at night, contact the experts at Exact Staff. With a skilled team of recruiters in place to help source and provide your organization with the best available talent, trust us with your hiring needs and get that sleep you deserve!

How to Clear Your Mind So You Can Do Your Best Work

03/22/19 10:15 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice | Leave a Comment
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It’s hard to focus when you’ve got a lot on your mind.

You sit down to be creative and all you can think about is that last argument you had with your spouse. Or that you must reschedule your dentist appointment. Or what you’re going to order for lunch. But there are ways around this—ways to clear your mind so you can concentrate on the project in front of you. After all, you don’t want to be known for handing in sub-par assignments. Here’s how to clear your mind so you can do your best work.

Sit and Think

Set aside a few minutes and just think. Clear off your desk so that only a notepad and pen sit in front of you. For the first minute or two, don’t write anything. Just take a deep breath and welcome any thought that comes into your head. If you want, carry on in this meditative state. Welcome a thought and then release it.

Make a List

Once you’ve meditated for a minute or two, start to write.

Go through your major categories of life and brainstorm your list of major thoughts for each one as though you’re pulling them out of your head to discard them. Later, that list could be your to-do-list.

First, your health and wellness needs—you’re dehydrated, your tooth is bothering you.

The next category is family and friends—your son’s birthday is coming up or you need to catch up with a friend.

Next, your personal belongings—you need to order a new suit or call a plumber about a leak.

Then tackle some thoughts about your work projects, your career goals, your finances, and any other major category in your life. As the thoughts leave your brain and land on your paper, you’re clearing your mind so you can focus.

Get Active

Go for a walk, or a run, or just do a few minutes of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, or push-ups. Your blood starts flowing, endorphins are released, your mood is boosted, and you forget about the stress. It’s the best way to activate your muscles and stimulate your brain.

Be Grateful

Take a few minutes to jot down the things you’re thankful for—good health, a great job, a warm house, or quality friends and family. By focusing on the positive, you automatically lower your stress and anxiety and allow yourself to focus on the tasks in front of you.

Do Something Mindless

Straighten up your desk, fold laundry, sweep the floor, or sit and play a game that doesn’t require much thought. These simple actions give you the chance to sort your thoughts—your hands are busy while your mind wanders. As soon as you’re finished your mindless tasks, go back to work. Sit down and see what comes out now that your other distracting thoughts have been released.

Looking to Accelerate Your Career Growth Once Your Mind is Clear?

Check out this earlier post on how to earn a promotion, garner a raise or set the stage for a career transition:

How to Blow Your Boss’s Mind (in the Best Way Possible!)

Then contact an Exact Staff Career Agent. With a nationwide presence, we can confidentially represent you to employers who need talented, career-minded professionals like you. If you’re ready for a new opportunity to build your skills and advance your career, apply with your local Exact Staff office today.

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