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  • Productive Mornings Start with Great Nighttime Rituals

    01/22/18 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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    Ever have one of those mornings when you’re feeling positive, full of energy, focused and ready to tackle whatever work throws your way?

    We think you need more of those.

    Sure, it helps to have a solid morning routine. But if you want to make dramatic improvements in your happiness and productivity in the a.m., change what you do the night before.

    What, exactly, should you do differently at the end of your workday to set yourself up for morning success? Here are a few suggestions:


    Tempted to check work email right before bed? Don’t. The last thing you need is to be lying in your bed, planning your response to a client or worrying about a message your boss sent. And honestly, you shouldn’t just unplug from work, you should unplug from EVERYTHING. As you may know, the blue light emitted by monitors and phone screens disrupts your circadian rhythm – making it harder to fall asleep.

    Establish a time buffer between when you disconnect and when you lay your head on the pillow. You’ll fall asleep faster and with a clearer mind.

    Put More Weekend in Your Weeknight

    Weekends are great for a reason: We spend more time with our family and friends, doing things we love. So, if all you do is nightly couch-surfing Sunday through Thursday, change your routine. You don’t have to go out to extravagant dinners seven nights a week. Simply making mid-week plans to spend two hours with someone you love will make you happier at bedtime – and in the morning, too.

    Skip the Tube Time

    Watching a few hours of TV at night may numb your mind, but it doesn’t do much to help your brain recover or make you feel better about yourself. Research, however, shows that actively engaging in a hobby – doing things you’re good at, and trying to become better at them – significantly increases happiness and success.

    Reflect on Your Day

    Start a (paper) gratitude journal. At the end of the day, write down three things for which you’re thankful. No matter how small they are, habitually recalling these positive experiences will help you escape the mental torture of reliving negative things that occurred during your day. Over time, you will rewire your brain to become more optimistic at day’s end. That good feeling will set you up for better sleep and set the stage for a better morning.

    Looking for Other Ways to Boost Productivity?

    Exact Staff is here to support you. Whether your team is up against a deadline, planning your next big project, or ready to grow, our national employment agency provides a full complement of staffing and placement services to help you get more done (which makes everyone happier).



Dramatically Improve Your Performance: Drop These Habits!

09/21/17 9:15 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Job Seekers | Leave a Comment
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Ever wonder why:

  • You’re being passed over for promotions?
  • Your team members aren’t more receptive to your ideas?
  • You’re not asked to join special project teams or to spearhead new initiatives at work?

Maybe your bad habits are holding you back.

Nobody’s perfect, and we all have idiosyncrasies that occasionally make us challenging to work with. But if you feel like something is holding you back in your career – and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is – make sure you’re not sabotaging your success with bad habits like these:

Negative Talk

When faced with a challenge at work, what’s your default response? Phrases like “That’s not going to work because,” and “We can’t do that,” are inherently negative, focusing exclusively on the problem – instead of potential solutions.

Your direct reports, coworkers and higher-ups all pay close attention to how you approach work situations. So, if you habitually complain or exhibit a defeatist attitude, you’re undermining your career. Need proof? Results from this survey show that more than 6 in 10 (62%) of employers are less likely to promote employees who have a negative attitude.

Portraying Yourself as an Expert – at Everything

You are undoubtedly talented at what you do, but no one is great at everything. And quite frankly, acting like an expert when others can clearly tell you’re not just irritates them – and makes you look foolish.

Contribute when you have something valuable to share, but don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t have all the answers. Owning your weaknesses builds authenticity, strengthens relationships and sets the stage for joint problem-solving – all of which are great for your career.

Being Condescending

When attempting to establish your authority, do you wind up sounding judgmental or patronizing? Even if your language is neutral, signals like crossed arms, heavy sighs and eye rolls can eclipse your ostensible desire to be an effective leader. If you want others to follow your direction and take your advice at work, don’t talk down to them. Make sure your tone, posture and word choices are consistently respectful, and that your criticism is always constructive.

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Another Habit Which Could be Holding You Back? Trying to Do it All Yourself.

Successful professionals start each day by examining their “to dos,” prioritizing their responsibilities, and then delegating non-critical activities. If you want to make delegation a habit, but don’t have the internal resources, give Exact Staff a call. We’ll help you get non-critical activities off your plate – and dramatically improve your performance.



3 Ways to Improve Your Overall Workplace Productivity

09/11/15 1:49 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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Feel like you can’t gain traction at work?

Overwhelmed by continual interruptions?

Struggling to focus?

We get it. Honestly, most of us deal with productivity issues at least occasionally. But while the world around you won’t stop so you can catch your breath (and catch up), there ARE things you and your team can do to improve your focus and overall workplace productivity. Here are three fresh ideas from Exact Staff:

Turn “can’t” into “can.”

Hear a lot of great excuses for why employees can’t get things done? Prone to procrastinating yourself? Find ways to eliminate excuses, and you’ll all get more done:

  • When employees offer excuses, ask good questions to get to the root of the problem. Determine if they really “can’t” get something done, or if it’s possible to remove roadblocks, resource constraints or other external factors on which they place blame.
  • Make sure everyone has the tools, time, training and support needed to accomplish objectives.
  • Discuss projects and timelines candidly before “can’ts” arise. Proactively managing expectations helps employees adopt a high-performance mentality which will improve their productivity.

Put time constraints on daily tasks.

According to Parkinson’s law, work expands to fill the time available for its completion. In other words, if you give an employee an hour to complete a task, he’ll get it done in an hour. And if you give him an hour and a half, he’ll take the full hour and a half to complete the exact same task.

The lesson here? A little structure can go a long way toward improving productivity. Assemble a team to analyze processes, procedures and everyday tasks throughout your organization. Develop realistic estimates for how long each should take, and then set time budgets for their completion moving forward. This doesn’t make you a “task master”; it makes you a smart business professional. By putting realistic time constraints on common tasks, you encourage employees to get down to business quickly – and waste less time.

Access others who can help you.

When work piles up, it can be tough to focus on accomplishing your highest priorities. An experienced staffing partner like Exact Staff can serve as a valuable ally in driving your productivity:

  • Offload low-priority and administrative activities to free up more time for key priorities.
  • Meet tight deadlines.
  • Cost-effectively flex your workforce to keep your business running smoothly when things get busy.
  • Prevent burnout and overwork, both of which can undermine workplace productivity.

Looking to improve overall productivity in your workplace?

Exact Staff is here to support you. Whether you’re up against a deadline, need to staff up for a big project, or want to build your core team, our national employment agency provides a full complement of staffing and placement services to help you get the most from your workforce.



4 Power Foods to Eat in the Morning to Increase Productivity

08/21/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : News | Leave a Comment
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Want to boost productivity by 20 percent?

Get off to a better nutritional start in the morning.

According to the World Health Organization, consuming the right foods can improve brain power by as much as 20 percent. Furthermore, healthy morning eating habits can reduce sick days, boost morale and even reduce accidents at work.

But while the benefits of great nutrition are clear, knowing exactly which foods will really kick start your day can be a bit of a mystery.

Don’t worry; we have you covered! Broaden your breakfast with these four a.m. power foods – and boost productivity for you and your team.


  • Rich in antioxidants, berries of all types increase memory. And the darker the berry, the more rich it is in antioxidants.
  • Blueberries, in particular, are packed with anthocyanins. Thought to be responsible for neuron protection, this powerful antioxidant may enhance learning.
  • Put more berries in your breakfast. Try a berry smoothie, a berry and yogurt parfait, or a triple-berry fruit cup.


  • Quick energy comes from glucose – and bananas are a tasty (and filling) resource for this energy-inducing ingredient. In fact, just one banana contains all the glucose your body needs for an entire day, wrapped in its own beautiful yellow package.
  • Bananas are a healthier option for getting your glucose than cane sugar or other carb-heavy foods (which are often devoid of other nutrition).
  • Put more bananas in your breakfast. Try a peanut butter and banana smoothie; add banana to your berry and yogurt parfait (see above); or slice banana onto your morning cereal.


  • Packed with choline (which helps your body produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that boosts memory), eggs work to stimulate your brain’s reactive sensors.
  • Eggs are an excellent source of tyrosine, which creates chemicals that regulate your mood, alertness and attention span.
  • Eggs are also loaded with protein, which provides slow-digesting, sustained energy.
  • Put more eggs in your breakfast. Try them poached, fried, hard-boiled or in an omelet.

Green Tea

  • Okay, it’s technically a beverage, but green tea packs as much nutritional power as other power foods – including polyphenols (another powerful antioxidant).
  • Green tea also contains a moderate amount of caffeine, but it isn’t as likely to jangle your nerves as coffee.
  • Put more green tea in your breakfast. Switch out your morning cup of joe for a cup of steeped green tea, or try matcha. It’s powdered green tea, so you get the added value of fiber.

Employees super busy?

Maximize their performance by helping them make better morning food choices, and by providing the support they need. Whether it’s a single temporary for a day or an entire project team, Exact Staff provides a range of staffing and placement services to increase productivity and create a healthier bottom line.


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