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Exact Staff News

March Kindness

03/11/14 3:55 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Community, Diversity, Employers, Family, Informational, News, Social Media News | Leave a Comment
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So everyone has heard of March Madness but all of us at Exact Staff would like to suggest a new twist on this month – MARCH KINDNESS!  We wanted to use March to remind our staff that every day we can strive to be kinder and improve the lives of others and we decided March was the perfect month to do these recognitions. “March Kindness” is simple – if an internal Exact Staff employee overhears or visually confirms an act of kindness performed by a colleague then he/she will email our CEO “catching” our colleague in the act of kindness that they witnessed and in return that employee earns a points towards prizes.  Pretty simple and to the point right? Now other than being a contest, at its roots the program will help everyone in the company realize just how much of an impact an Exact Staff employee makes on anyone that walks through our doors on any given day. It’s such an honor and brings each of us such a sense of joy at the end of a work day realizing what we as recruiters at Exact Staff accomplish for our city, our state and our America. We help qualified, intelligent, and caring people throughout the U.S. find careers that they enjoy. Who would have guessed? Enjoying work? Yes! It’s possible! Sometimes all these great stories go untold as there is so much that goes on daily in our lives. But with our March Kindness campaign we hope to re-introduce this concept of “kindness” and give rebirth to the idea that it’s possible to help someone every day and in any way. We all strive for greatness in our daily lives, so why not recognize the individuals that help us accomplish goals. It’s really heartwarming to receive letters/emails of thank you and calls of happiness from associates who we helped find that perfect career. Please join us in recognizing and celebrating kindness in the month of March!

The Importance of the Follow-Up Letter

08/26/13 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice, Informational, Job Seekers | Leave a Comment
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As if applying for a job and getting an interview isn’t nerve-wracking enough, what about all of those thoughts running through your mind after the actual interview? Even if you thoroughly prepared for your interview questions, and executed them well throughout the interview, sometimes you can’t help but think of all of the things you didn’t say. Did you really reinforce your desire for the position? Did this potential employer truly understand how qualified you are? Well, NOW is the perfect time to write a strategic follow-up letter. Our expert staffers at Exact Staff have a few tips on writing follow-up letters based on your interview:

You might have forgotten to say something important. We all have those moments where the perfect thought is in our head, but for whatever reason it doesn’t quite make it into the course of the interview. This is a good time to write that thought in the follow-up letter. That extra thought might be the reason you’re hired.

Perhaps during the interview your interviewer voiced a concern. This may be your opportunity to bring it up again in a well thought out review. Express your understanding for the concern, but assure the interviewer that you are a great fit for the position by citing examples and specific reasons why the concern can be mitigated. Remember that your interviewer wants this to be a good match for you as well as the organization and your taking the time to explain why you continue to be the exact match for the position is a smart follow up plan.

You could also be writing this letter just to say thank you for your interviewer’s time. Whether the interview went smoothly or not, showing the courtesy of appreciating someone’s time spent is an exceptionally smart decision and a way to be memorable. While you don’t know how well the competition performed, this extra effort could be the important strategic effort that gets you the job. In your thank you recap the top qualities you will bring to the position. Use the information you learned during the interview (possibly about the department, company, etc.) and assure the interviewer your qualities will benefit the overall organization. Another way to write the thank-you is to take information you learned about the company and opportunity in the interview then let the interviewer know how much more interested you have become in the position.

Just remember, the follow-up letter is more than a thank-you, it’s a strategic sales tool. It’s time for you to promise to deliver and sell the company on the idea of you and the vital talent/skills you bring to their organization. It’s the final, and one of the most important steps in the job search process. For more information on writing a stand out follow-up letter, contact your friends at Exact Staff.


Ben Teller: Generation Why Not Me

02/11/13 3:27 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Community, Diversity, Informational, News, Survivor | Leave a Comment
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The link we’ve attached is for all who understand that true heroes are those “everyday” folks who inspire us – not because of their Super Bowl rings, their Grammy awards, their millionaire status – but because they are like YOU AND I and setting examples of courage, integrity and trust for ALL OF US to follow.  This wonderful piece has been written by the nephew of one of our beloved staff – we are ALL incredibly proud to know of your heroism Ben and you Inspire us ALL!!!!

Ben Teller: Generation Why Not Me

Cancer sucks. It hits you like a curve ball from left field. It leaves you lonely with no regard or remorse for the life you were trying to obtain. When you get hit with that curve ball, the question becomes, “So now what?” All I know is what I did: I scrambled to find a doctor, jumped into chemotherapy and did what most cancer patients do, I fought. I won the first battle when I was 18, in 2008. I was re-diagnosed in 2010 and won another battle after an autologous transplant, until 2012 when I relapsed again. So far I have prevailed a third time after a MUD bone marrow transplant last October. But all I could think about through all this was, “Why me!?”

I hate when people say, “Ben, if anybody can do this, it’s you. You are the strongest person I know.” I’m sorry. That’s “bullshit”! First of all, I don’t want to do this, and second of all, I don’t have a choice. I usually just nod my head in agreement, appreciating their efforts of trying to console me. This type of “encouragement” has me asking myself “Why me?” When people think they understand what I am going through, it puts me into “why me?” thinking. The truth is I don’t think anybody can understand what a cancer survivor is going through because everybody’s experience is different. If someone tells me “they understand” I feel self-pity because I know they don’t. As a survivor, I may have more perspective, but I definitely do not know what someone else’s experience is like.

When I was first diagnosed, the only thought that ran through my mind was how unfair this whole situation was. But, I soon realized that it wasn’t helpful to think this way. My mind was going in circles. I was stressed and emotionally upset. I started to get depressed. My family and loved ones were feeling as bad for me as I was feeling for myself, which made me feel even worse. The negativity that I felt I was causing was not going to help me battle cancer, it was only going to make it harder. I decided that there was a better question for me to ask myself and that is, “Why not me?” This mindset of “why not me?”, helped my spirit as well as the conversations I would have with my loved ones. The question focused me and helped me to decide to face what was happening to me rather than feel sorry for myself. It made me feel better because there was less negativity in and around me and I felt that I was creating a more positive atmosphere for something that was scary for a lot of people, myself included. It made it easier for me try and deal with all of the crap that cancer was throwing my way.

No doubt about it, cancer is boring. I couldn’t go to school, couldn’t play sports, and I slept a lot. When I was first diagnosed, I started a non-profit organization, which was another way for me to get out of the mindset of “Why me?” I needed to just do something. I thought if I can inspire other people I won’t feel so bad for myself. This distraction was a helpful tool for me and overall made me feel better about fighting this disease.

In no way am I accepting cancer as something that “just happens,” so “go with it” as if it doesn’t matter. Of course it’s unfair and I totally understand why people say “Why me?” — in fact, it is much easier to do that than say “Why not me?” I have “Why me?” thoughts often, but the difference now is that I choose not to blow on those embers. I’m suggesting that if people in their fight with cancer choose not to go there, that area of feeling bad for yourself, it might be possible to feel better. For me, that was the solution; relationally, for my community and for my spirits.

Let’s decide to name “why not me?” as another possibility to fighting this crappy disease. Ask a different question if the one you’re asking is not helpful. Whatever gives us more hope? That, in my opinion, is a better question to ask.


This blog is part of Generation Why, HuffPost’s new spotlight on young adult cancer. Please email generationwhy@huffingtonpost.com if you’re interested in contributing a blog.

Sandy Hook Elementary 12.14.12

12/17/12 8:51 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Community, Informational, News | Leave a Comment
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If you would like to mail sympathy cards, postcards or letters of support , even teddy bears for the children and solidarity to the school, the school address :
Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

The Very Best Friend You Can Have When Looking For A JOB!

08/14/12 11:09 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Community, Diversity, Informational, Job Seekers, News | Leave a Comment
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In a tight market trying to get a job can be an impersonal, anonymous and downright defeating process.  You need a friend/contact that is “connected,” one who is “networked” and has your BEST INTEREST at heart.  YOU NEED TO BE WORKING WITH A RECRUITER from EXACT STAFF.  Here are 6 HUGE reasons why you need an EXACT STAFF recruiter on your team:

 EXACT STAFF Recruiters know about “hidden” jobs.
Many companies and organizations don’t go the job board route nor do they advertise their openings AT ALL because it’s just too time consuming. They know that the best talent have partnered with a professional recruiter and they rely on EXACT STAFF to present them the best candidates.

EXACT STAFF can give you the inside scoop.
At EXACT STAFF our recruiters can provide you valuable insight on company environment and culture to ensure a successful hire. We can give you an up close feel for the company/firm and for the interviewer before you meet them. We provide interview feedback and moderate salary negotiations.

Safeguard your privacy.
Many employers have set up automatic search agents on the big job boards to find out if their employees are looking to make a move. Beware!  Your job search with EXACT STAFF is confidential.

Stand out as an exclusive candidate.
You’re just one of the masses of resumes hiring managers receive from the job boards. Hiring managers like “exclusive” candidates and when they see a resume through a job board, or on several boards their impression is that the candidate may not be very valuable.  Show your worth and stand out from the masses by aligning yourself with EXACT STAFF – your odds of being noticed will increase greatly!

Maintain control over your resume.
Unfortunately, there are many unethical staffing agencies that will find your resume on a job board, then submit it to companies without your approval!  If you don’t know where your resume is going, it’s difficult to manage your job search. EXACT STAFF will inform you of exactly which organizations or companies your resume is going to.

Take the anxiety out of your job search.
EXACT STAFF recruiters are experts when it comes to interviewing techniques and resume preparation. We will look out for your best interest, something web sites and job boards will never do!

AND BEST OF ALL EXACT STAFF services are 100% free to job seekers.
Employers pay us to find them the ideal candidates. Yes, most job boards are free as well. But EXACT STAFF provides personal and business touches a job board just can’t provide!

We hope you’ll partner with an EXACT STAFF recruiter and allow us to join your team and land the job of your dreams.

Unusual Antics and Questions

02/20/12 3:53 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, Informational, Job Seekers, Uncategorized | Leave a Comment
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Today’s LA Times featured an article about the unusual antics and questions that some companies are using to hire their talent.  I’ve included the list of oddball interview questions that were included as well as the top reasons applicants made poor impressions during their interviews.

 Oddball questions:

Name five uses for a stapler, without the staples

What is 37 times 37?

Are you exhaling warm air?

Room, desk or car-which do you clean first?

How would you get an elephant into a refrigerator?

Would Gandhi have made a good software engineer?

What do you think of garden gnomes?

Please spell “diverticulitis”

How many planes are currently flying over Kansas?

Does life fascinate you?


Reason applicants made poor impressions:

Answered cellphone during interview

Dressed inappropriately

Appeared uninterested

Spoke negatively about a current or previous employer

Chewed gun

Didn’t provide specific answer

Didn’t ask good questions 

The GREAT news is that we are seeing getting busier and busier in ALL of our offices!  There are great jobs and excellent companies out there so now is the time to get serious about that career search.  We’ll be there every step of the way to guide you through the maze of questions and interviews and be your advocate to get that job!  And the most oddball question we hope to ask you is “when can you start??!!!” 

Be sure to refer your friends, family, neighbors and anyone who wants a terrific career.  Thank you for following us on Twitter, Facebook and LIKING us!

Karenjo Goodwin

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