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  • March Kindness

    03/11/14 3:55 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Community, Diversity, Employers, Family, Informational, News, Social Media News | Leave a Comment
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    So everyone has heard of March Madness but all of us at Exact Staff would like to suggest a new twist on this month – MARCH KINDNESS!  We wanted to use March to remind our staff that every day we can strive to be kinder and improve the lives of others and we decided March was the perfect month to do these recognitions. “March Kindness” is simple – if an internal Exact Staff employee overhears or visually confirms an act of kindness performed by a colleague then he/she will email our CEO “catching” our colleague in the act of kindness that they witnessed and in return that employee earns a points towards prizes.  Pretty simple and to the point right? Now other than being a contest, at its roots the program will help everyone in the company realize just how much of an impact an Exact Staff employee makes on anyone that walks through our doors on any given day. It’s such an honor and brings each of us such a sense of joy at the end of a work day realizing what we as recruiters at Exact Staff accomplish for our city, our state and our America. We help qualified, intelligent, and caring people throughout the U.S. find careers that they enjoy. Who would have guessed? Enjoying work? Yes! It’s possible! Sometimes all these great stories go untold as there is so much that goes on daily in our lives. But with our March Kindness campaign we hope to re-introduce this concept of “kindness” and give rebirth to the idea that it’s possible to help someone every day and in any way. We all strive for greatness in our daily lives, so why not recognize the individuals that help us accomplish goals. It’s really heartwarming to receive letters/emails of thank you and calls of happiness from associates who we helped find that perfect career. Please join us in recognizing and celebrating kindness in the month of March!

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