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  • Happy People Have These Habits

    10/21/16 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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    If you look up the definition of “happy” online (and we did), you’ll find synonyms like:

    • Cheerful
    • Merry
    • Joyful
    • Carefree
    • Untroubled

    Brings a smile to your face, right?

    But while defining happiness is pretty simple, knowing how to achieve it is much more difficult.

    Where’d that smile go?

    Before it completely fades, remember this: nobody has a monopoly on happiness. And gaining it doesn’t cost a thing. By developing the following habits, and focusing your energy in the right places, you can make your life more positive and satisfying:

    Be kinder to yourself.

    You probably have no problem finding amazing qualities in your friends, family and co-workers – but when is the last time you appreciated a great quality in yourself? Make a daily habit of writing down three things that you did well or that demonstrate one of your positive qualities. In just a few days, you’ll have evidence you can use to replace negative self-talk with kinder thoughts about yourself.

    Surround yourself with optimistic people.

    Happiness is contagious – but so are things like anger, negativity and pessimism. So if you want to be happier, spend more time with people who are upbeat, content and joyful. Obviously, it’s unrealistic to completely avoid exposure to negative people, but you can minimize the effects of “Debbie Downers” by refusing to engage in their patterns of thinking.

    Get your Zzzzs.

    According to the American Psychological Association, getting an extra 60 to 90 minutes of sleep per night improves memory and mood, enhances concentration, strengthens the immune system, and reduces the risk of being killed in an accident. Who wouldn’t be happier if they were healthier, more focused and, you know – alive?

    Make your social feeds more positive.

    We all have those Facebook friends who continually rant, complain and air their dirty laundry online. And most of us follow accounts that routinely post negative content.  Ask yourself, “Why am I following this person/organization/news source?”

    With our population spending more time on social media, our feeds have a huge impact on our overall happiness. So make sure you’re bringing positivity into your consciousness! Selectively unfollow people or accounts that bring you down. Then, search for ones that you find inspirational and uplifting.

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    Want to make your organization a happier place to work?

    Choose the right staffing partner. As a national employment agency, Exact Staff can design intelligent staffing solutions that:

    • Offload repetitive and low-level work that distracts you and your staff;
    • Alleviate overwork and the burnout it causes;
    • Improve your team’s focus, productivity and effectiveness;
    • Allow you to confidently tackle new or pressing projects.

    Ready to get happy? Contact your local Exact Staff office today.


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