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  • How to Build a Better Workplace

    03/14/16 3:47 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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    Want a way to build a better workplace that’s fast, foolproof and free?

    Foster greater trust among your employees.

    Trust creates a strong foundation upon which you can build a great culture, enhance performance and keep your business competitive. In an earlier post, we touched on the business benefits of fostering trust among managers and employees, including:

    Less bureaucracy – and higher productivity.

    When people in your company know that they can rely on each another to do what they promise, it reduces the need to peer over one another’s shoulders. Without all that checking, reviewing and other organizational “red tape,” unnecessary stalls and bottlenecks are eliminated. Increase trust, and you’ll boost your team’s efficiency dramatically!

    Greater innovation.

    Trust is a crucible for innovation. When you give employees a safe place to listen, brainstorm and exchange ideas which may be unpopular or controversial – without being judged – you set the stage for sparking ideas, products or services which can move your business ahead.

    Improved morale.

    When everyone in your organizations honors their commitments and delivers consistently exceptional service to internal customers, it naturally creates a more positive work environment.

    Lower turnover.

    Employees who trust one another feel more connected to the group, more loyal to your organization and more motivated to stay and perform their best (even when things get tough).

    So, here’s the million-dollar question:

    How can you build – and maintain – trust in the workplace? Glad you asked. Below are three essential tips you can implement, which don’t cost a dime:

    Treat employees as equal partners.

    Establishing trust starts with making everyone – from your newest rookies and entry-level employees up through senior managers – feel like valuable, important members of the team. Get out and meet the people who work with you. Find out their names and why they work for your organization. Seek out their opinions and ideas (and give them due credit). And treat every employee, regardless of their rank or tenure, with genuine respect.

    Be honest.

    When things are going well for your business, it’s easy to be honest. But when mistakes happen, finances are tight, or crises occur, it’s much tougher. The way you act in difficult times is the greatest measure of your integrity, so resist the urge to sweep bad stuff under the rug. Be open when problems occur. Don’t sugarcoat anything. When you’re honest, accountable and solution-oriented, you’ll go a long way in preserving employees’ trust.

    Be consistent.

    In everything you do, make sure your words match your behaviors. Honor your commitments, both small and large. And if you find that you can’t keep a promise, for whatever reason, be honest about the reason why. Even if you can’t live up to what you initially pledged, being forthright in your communication will help you preserve the trust you’ve built.

    Build a better workplace with Exact Staff.

    With a full complement of national staffing and placement solutions, Exact Staff provides precisely what your organization needs to increase trust – and performance. To find out how we can strengthen your workplace, schedule a free consultation today.


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