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  • Top Ways that YOU Can Grow as a Leader

    01/18/16 8:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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    Is 2016 the year that you become a better leader?

    Whether you consider resolutions a boon or bane, you know that improving your leadership skills won’t happen by accident. It will only come from setting SMART goals and changing specific behaviors.

    But what habits should you change? What goals should you set? While your objectives will depend on the areas of leadership you want to strengthen, consider these top ways to grow as a leader:

    Delegate Intelligently

    You’re probably great at a lot of things – but that doesn’t mean you have time to do them all! Examine and prioritize your responsibilities, and then get non-critical activities off your plate (Exact Staff can help). Use the time you regain to focus on strategic activities and develop your leadership skills.

    Welcome Feedback

    Great leaders don’t just give constructive feedback; they welcome it, too. Take a 360-degree assessment to find out where you’re strong and where you could improve. Then, take what you learn to heart and make the required changes.

    Think for Yourself

    Find yourself influenced by public opinion or trends? Make a conscious effort to form your own opinions – based on solid facts and evidence – instead. Seek out information from a variety of reputable sources to fill your gaps in knowledge and reach sound conclusions.  Rely on what others know – not just what they think – to guide your decisions.

    Practice Mindfulness

    Your phone. Your laptop. Your employees. Your clients. As a leader, the demands on your attention are too numerous to count. Instead of being a multi-tasker (i.e., scanning emails while listening to a staffer), try being a serial focuser – and being truly “present” in the moment. The simple act of focusing your attention on one thing at a time dramatically improves performance, which will ultimately improve your ability to lead.

    Embrace Constructive Conflict

    Great leaders don’t shy away from disagreement, and they’re humble enough to realize that they don’t always know it all. If you’re prone to knee-jerk or emotional reactions to others’ dissenting opinions, try welcoming disagreement. Improve your leadership abilities by truly listening to what others say, evaluating whether or not their ideas and points of view are valid. And if they are, be willing to embrace those ideas. Being an exceptional leader is about producing great results, not just being right.

    Become a Better Leader by Choosing the Right Staffing Partner

    With a national presence, and a full complement of staffing and placement services, Exact Staff can rapidly deliver exceptional people to build your core team. Improve productivity. And seamlessly flex your workforce to match changing demands.

    What can we do for you? Contact a staffing expert at Exact Staff today.


How to Get Employees to Accept Feedback

01/15/16 8:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Uncategorized | Leave a Comment
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They get defensive.

They call in sick on performance review days.

They nod their heads and promise to change, but keep on doing the same things in the same way.

Let’s face it – some employees just don’t want your management advice or feedback. And if you share it, they’re not likely to take it to heart. Why are they so resistant? Sometimes it’s because of management mistakes like these:

  • Only providing negative feedback.
  • Criticizing behaviors or performance without sharing practical suggestions for improvement.
  • Sharing negative feedback in public.

But other times, the blame rests squarely on employees’ shoulders. When an employee resists or dodges you, how can you get him to accept your feedback? Use these tips from Exact Staff to make your employee less defensive and more receptive to changing his behavior:

Try taking a break from giving performance-related feedback.

If an employee is tuning you out, take a step back. Instead of commenting on his job performance, focus on how he actually processes the feedback you give him.

Explain the importance of accepting feedback.

Your employee may not actually realize that part of his job is to listen to constructive criticism – and then adjust his behavior accordingly. Make sure you “connect the dots” for him. Clearly explain the impact his resistance has on you, his work team, the organization and his own job security.

Stay neutral and open-minded.

Keep your demeanor calm and professional. Withhold judgment and interpretation until after you get his input. And most importantly, don’t tell your employee that he’s being defensive – it’ll only make him more defensive!

Be specific.

It’s tough to share negative feedback. But when you do, be sure to give specific examples to support the point you want to make. Instead of saying, “You’re not living up to your end of the deal,” say, “When you cross your arms and stare at the ground when I attempt to discuss an issue with you, it gives me the impression that you don’t care about your work. Can you help me understand this behavior better?”

Agree on a plan.

When you request a behavior change about how your employee handles feedback, be open to counter-offers. Once you agree on a goal, secure a commitment. Try saying something like, “The next time I have constructive feedback to offer and you have a different perspective, tell me that in our meeting. I’ll listen to your side, and together we’ll work out a plan. Does that work for you?”

Have some feedback for us?

At Exact Staff, we understand and appreciate the importance of constructive feedback in maintaining a productive business relationship. Please contact our national staffing service with your comments, questions or suggestions.


The Secret to Creating an Amazing Corporate Culture

01/12/16 1:30 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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The real secret to creating an outstanding company culture?

Lean a little closer to your screen and we’ll tell you.

The secret is…

…that there is no secret. Or magic formula. Or foolproof method. An amazing culture can’t be created by waving a wand; it takes persistence, patience and team effort (and great ideas, of course!).

So with that out of the way, let’s move onto the real point of this post – which is to provide real-world strategies you can use to build and sustain an outstanding culture:

Be More Authentic

Do whatever you can to make your company more friendly, honest and “human”:

  • Adopt a straightforward, proactive communication policy. Skip the mind-numbing “corporate speak” whenever possible and use simpler language to convey your ideas.
  • Strive for transparency. Share your big ideas (even if they sound a bit crazy). Bring up the issues and challenges your company is facing – and discuss them as a group.
  • Talk about your culture. If you want to improve it, make it a regular part of your work conversations. Find more ways to bond and have fun. And when you detect significant stress or discord, bring it into the light. When you show that you’re willing to discuss challenges (as well as the good things), your employees will be more open to discussing and resolving them, too.

Invest in Your Employees

Give your staff the guidance, opportunity and growth they crave within your company:

  • Develop a more robust onboarding program to get new employees off to a better start.
  • Meet one-on-one with employees to create a 3-to-5-year career path for each.
  • Establish mentoring relationships.
  • Offer reimbursement for continuing education, professional training or tuition, so employees can stay at the top of their game (and become even more valuable to your organization).

When you invest in your employees, your teams will work better together. Your entire organization will perform at a higher level. Your employees will know that you’re committed to them – and stay more committed to your business.

Provide the Work/Life Flexibility Employees Need

When employees are stressed out, overworked or unable to meet their commitments outside the office, culture takes a nosedive. Set it on an upward trajectory by resolving to improve your employees’ work/life satisfaction. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Job sharing
  • Compressed work weeks
  • Telecommuting
  • Shifting start/stop times
  • Throwing things like sick leave, set working hours, vacation time and PTO out the window. When you have the right kind of people on your team (and a business conducive to this kind of flexibility), you can trust them to plan their time, get their work done, and do what’s best for the company – as well as your customers.

Build a Better Culture with Exact Staff

Temporary employees provide the support your organization needs – keeping your staff happy and working at their peak for you. To find out how Exact Staff can help you create and sustain an amazing culture, schedule a free workforce consultation today.


New Laws Impacting HR Departments in 2016

01/5/16 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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Want a great New Year’s resolution for your business?

Commit to staying on top of the legislation changes impacting your organization.

Admittedly, employment law isn’t a very glamorous topic, but staying up-to-date and compliant is essential to making the New Year both happy and profitable for your business.

Below, Exact Staff summarizes three new or amended laws that should be on your radar in 2016. While this review is not intended as legal advice, it will help you better understand the impact the legislation could have on your organization:

Closing the Gender Pay Gap with the California Fair Pay Act – SB 358

Taking effect on January 1, 2016, SB 358 has been referred to as “the most aggressive equal pay law in the nation” by employment law firm Fisher & Phillips, and as “the strongest equal pay law in the nation” by Governor Brown. Here’s why. Instead of merely requiring equal compensation for men and women performing equal work, this law calls for pay equity among employees whose jobs are “substantially similar” – effectively lowering the burden of proof for plaintiffs claiming gender-discriminatory pay practices.

The Fair Pay Act also makes it tougher for employers to defend claims, further refining the criteria they must meet to justify pay differences.

Minimum Wage Gets a Hike with phase 3 of MW-2014

Also effective January 1, 2016, the minimum wage in California is $10.00/hr. – the highest in the nation. With this new hike, white-collar workers must now earn more ($3,466/month) for employers to exempt them from overtime pay.

PTO to Care for Kin: SB 579

This Act was amended so that, as of January 1, 2016, employees may take “kin care” leave to care for their grandparents, grandchildren and/or siblings. Furthermore, SB 579 clarifies and broadens the reasons an employee may take leave to include existing health conditions and preventative care (as opposed to just “illnesses”), as well as certain absences resulting from sexual assault, stalking or domestic violence.

Although these laws are specific to California, they could eventually impact states and organizations throughout the country.

Another great New Year’s resolution?

Partner with Exact Staff. Our national employment agency can provide the workforce management advice and solutions to help you make 2016 a productive, profitable year.

Give your local Exact Staff office a call to schedule a free workforce consultation.


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