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  • 4 Power Foods to Eat in the Morning to Increase Productivity

    08/21/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : News | Leave a Comment
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    Want to boost productivity by 20 percent?

    Get off to a better nutritional start in the morning.

    According to the World Health Organization, consuming the right foods can improve brain power by as much as 20 percent. Furthermore, healthy morning eating habits can reduce sick days, boost morale and even reduce accidents at work.

    But while the benefits of great nutrition are clear, knowing exactly which foods will really kick start your day can be a bit of a mystery.

    Don’t worry; we have you covered! Broaden your breakfast with these four a.m. power foods – and boost productivity for you and your team.


    • Rich in antioxidants, berries of all types increase memory. And the darker the berry, the more rich it is in antioxidants.
    • Blueberries, in particular, are packed with anthocyanins. Thought to be responsible for neuron protection, this powerful antioxidant may enhance learning.
    • Put more berries in your breakfast. Try a berry smoothie, a berry and yogurt parfait, or a triple-berry fruit cup.


    • Quick energy comes from glucose – and bananas are a tasty (and filling) resource for this energy-inducing ingredient. In fact, just one banana contains all the glucose your body needs for an entire day, wrapped in its own beautiful yellow package.
    • Bananas are a healthier option for getting your glucose than cane sugar or other carb-heavy foods (which are often devoid of other nutrition).
    • Put more bananas in your breakfast. Try a peanut butter and banana smoothie; add banana to your berry and yogurt parfait (see above); or slice banana onto your morning cereal.


    • Packed with choline (which helps your body produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that boosts memory), eggs work to stimulate your brain’s reactive sensors.
    • Eggs are an excellent source of tyrosine, which creates chemicals that regulate your mood, alertness and attention span.
    • Eggs are also loaded with protein, which provides slow-digesting, sustained energy.
    • Put more eggs in your breakfast. Try them poached, fried, hard-boiled or in an omelet.

    Green Tea

    • Okay, it’s technically a beverage, but green tea packs as much nutritional power as other power foods – including polyphenols (another powerful antioxidant).
    • Green tea also contains a moderate amount of caffeine, but it isn’t as likely to jangle your nerves as coffee.
    • Put more green tea in your breakfast. Switch out your morning cup of joe for a cup of steeped green tea, or try matcha. It’s powdered green tea, so you get the added value of fiber.

    Employees super busy?

    Maximize their performance by helping them make better morning food choices, and by providing the support they need. Whether it’s a single temporary for a day or an entire project team, Exact Staff provides a range of staffing and placement services to increase productivity and create a healthier bottom line.


Avoid These LinkedIn Photo Mistakes that Look Unprofessional

08/17/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : News | Leave a Comment
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New to LinkedIn? Want to polish up your existing profile?

Then focus on your photo. Why?

  • Your LinkedIn photo is one of the first things people look at.
  • According to LinkedIn, your profile is 11 times more likely to be viewed if it has a photo.
  • If you’re on the job market, recruiters make snap judgments (consciously and subconsciously) about your professionalism and viability as a candidate based on this one photo.

Right or wrong, your profile picture makes a HUGE difference in the success of your job search and your professional career. But the good news is, you can stack the deck in your favor – IF your photo sends the right message.

Convey a professional, positive image by avoiding these LinkedIn photo fails:

The Microscope.

Make sure your photo isn’t so zoomed in that viewers can count your eyelashes – or so zoomed out that viewers can’t make out your features. As a rule of thumb, your face should take up about 60% to 70% of the frame.

The Slacker.

Wearing a dingy t-shirt? Reclining on your sofa? Holding a cocktail? Even if your hair looks great and your smile is confident, photos like these don’t help your career. So don’t use them. Make sure you’re sitting upright and wearing clothing that’s appropriate for a workday in your profile picture – because that’s how other professionals should think of you.

The Moldy Oldie.

Considering using a photo of your “younger self?” If the photo is old enough to see a PG movie, ditch it. Outdated images look, well, OLD – and may make others wonder what you’re hiding. Show that you like your current self, and that you’re on top of your game, by uploading a photo from within the past two years.

The Macabre.

Unless you work (or want to work) in a haunted house, skip photos that are dark or were taken in harsh lighting (scrutinize them for creepy shadows cast across your face). Use a picture that was taken in natural light or a well-lit indoor location.

The Selfie.

Arms-length photos? They’re fine for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – but definitely not LinkedIn. Even if you hate having your picture taken, ask a friend, family member or professional to snap your picture for you.

Don’t ignore the background!

Your fellow professionals size you up based on the context of your photo. So if that great headshot was taken at a bar or a pool party, skip it. Take a new photo which recaptures that relaxed smile in a more appropriate setting.

Need help with your job search strategy?

Contact an Exact Staff Career Agent. As a national employment agency, our recruiting experts can help you identify your strengths, evaluate your career options, and find assignments and full-time positions that align with your goals. Search open jobs here.

Conquer Your Inbox | Here’s How

08/14/15 1:00 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : News | Leave a Comment
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It’s official:

Email is running our business lives.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, we spend, on average, 13 hours per workweek reading, deleting, sorting and sending emails. That’s over a quarter of a typical 40-hour week! Honestly, it’s a wonder we get anything accomplished in the office.

The key to greater workplace productivity? Conquer your inbox. Here’s how:

Stop the flood.

How many unwanted emails do you delete every time you check your inbox? Stop the barrage by conducting a simple search in your email program for the term “unsubscribe.” This pulls all the messages you receive from recurring senders. Scan the results and unsubscribe from senders who clog your inbox with irrelevant, unsolicited emails that waste your time.

Don’t check your email first thing.

Nope, that’s not a typo. While this may sound counterintuitive – even counterproductive – there’s sound logic behind tabling your first email check of the day (at least for a bit). When you plunge headfirst into your inbox without a clear plan for the day, you are automatically forced into “reactive mode:”

  • addressing yesterday’s fires;
  • responding to others’ requests; and
  • potentially shifting your priorities and derailing your workday.

Email is important, but checking it shouldn’t be the first item on your To-Do list. Keep control of your day by establishing your priorities first, and then adjusting them based on what you find in your inbox.

Check your email at regularly scheduled intervals.

If you drop everything to immediately answer incoming messages, you get off task and undermine your productivity. It’s way smarter to “batch” your email-checking activities, instead. Decide how often to check your email, whether it’s once an hour, every 15 minutes, or whatever works for your schedule. Then, only check messages at those pre-determined intervals.

Implement the “OHIO” rule: Only Handle It Once.

Immediately take care of the issue you find in each email. If that’s not possible, forward it to someone else to handle, file it to an appropriate folder, or schedule it for a later time.

Use built-in productivity tools.

For all those emails you have to “get to later,” don’t just flag them. Learn and use the productivity tools your email program contains to organize, prioritize and tame an otherwise unruly inbox. For example, Outlook allows you to color-code flagged items, create “rules” for incoming emails, and even setup a filing system for important emails that you need to save.

Conquering your inbox is one great way to improve productivity, but sometimes you need extra help to get things done. Exact Staff is here for you!

As a leading national staffing firm, we provide a full complement of staffing and placement services to improve focus. Eliminate busywork. Save time and money. And relieve administrative burdens that slow you down. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you.


The Most Influential People Have These Habits

08/7/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : News | Leave a Comment
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Barack Obama. Pope Francis. Bill Gates. Oprah Winfrey.

No matter how you feel about these individuals, you can’t deny this simple truth:

They’re some of the most influential people in the world.

They speak their minds. Sway people’s opinions. And leave an indelible mark on everything they touch.

What’s their secret?

In a word, discipline. Influential people have created key habits for themselves which drive their success and enable them to make a profound impact on others. The good news? You can adopt these same habits – and become more influential, yourself.

Here are four habits to start working on:

Think for yourself.

If you’re easily swayed by public opinion or trends, strive to form your own opinions based on facts and evidence. Seek out information from a variety of reputable sources to fill your gaps in knowledge and reach sound conclusions.  Rely on what others know – not just what they think – to guide your decisions.

Pay attention to nonverbal cues.

Posture, tone of voice, and eye contact all send powerful nonverbal messages – and present opportunities for exerting influence. Show that you’re connected to the person you’re speaking with by mirroring their body language. Modeling another’s nonverbal behavior makes them feel more at ease, and therefore more open to your ideas and influence.

Tell others that you have faith in them.

When others know that you believe in them, they will work harder – and outside their comfort zone – to achieve what you expect from them. Make it clear to those you wish to influence that you’re confident in their abilities. They’ll be inclined to prove you right.

Embrace constructive conflict.

Influential people don’t shy away from disagreement – and they’re humble enough to realize that they don’t always know it all. Guard against knee-jerk emotional and defensive reactions to others’ dissenting opinions. Instead, welcome disagreement. Listen to what others say. Consider whether or not their ideas and points of view are valid. And if they are, be willing to embrace those ideas – because achieving a good end result is more important than being right.

Expanding your sphere of influence is a great way to attract talented candidates to your organization. But for those times when you need help with the process, Exact Staff is here for you.

With a national presence, and a full complement of staffing and placement services, we can rapidly deliver exceptional people to build your core team, improve productivity, and seamlessly flex your workforce to match changing demands.

What can we do for you?

Contact a staffing expert at your local Exact Staff office today.



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