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  • How Can Daydreaming IMPROVE Productivity?

    05/29/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice, Job Seekers, News | Leave a Comment
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    You know that employee who’s zoned out?

    He may hold the key to greater productivity for your organization.

    Conventional wisdom dictates that managers should keep employees “focused” and “on-task” to maximize productivity. But recent research has shown that occasionally allowing employees to space out, goof off and daydream can actually benefit your business.

    Yep, we said it.

    And big employers like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn agree. They give their employees “goof off time” to experiment, zone out or pursue something they’re passionate about. All that “piddling around” has ultimately resulted in some of their most successful products, including Gmail and AdSense.

    Maybe they’re onto something here.

    So before you crack down on that employee who’s staring off into space, consider the following ways daydreaming can actually IMPROVE productivity, creativity and focus:

    Daydreaming activates and engages the brain.

    While the activity seems passive, the human brain is actually extremely active during a daydream. In fact, daydreaming involves the same brain processes associated with imagination and creativity, and it’s in this engaged state that employees may make sudden connections and have profound insights.

    Daydreaming frees employees’ minds from “tunnel vision.”

    When actively brainstorming solutions, the brain doesn’t have full access to memory banks where useful information resides. But when the mind is free to wander, research has shown that it can access memories and potential solutions that the conscious mind just can’t.

    Mental vacations help employees recharge and refocus.

    Ever hear of a microburst? It’s a brief “recovery period” that allows bodies (or brains) to rapidly restore a high level of function. A simple two-minute “mental vacation” – playing a quick round of Candy Crush or just staring out the window – provides employees with enough of a break to boost focus, attention and productivity

    Microbursts and daydreams can be great productivity boosters, but sometimes they’re just not enough to help you accomplish everything you need to do. If you could use an extra hand, Exact Staff is ready to lend one!

    As a leading national employment agency, we provide a range of staffing and placement services to save time. Increase focus. Eliminate busywork. And relieve administrative burdens. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you. Contact our premier team of recruiters today.

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