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  • How Can Daydreaming IMPROVE Productivity?

    05/29/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice, Job Seekers, News | Leave a Comment
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    You know that employee who’s zoned out?

    He may hold the key to greater productivity for your organization.

    Conventional wisdom dictates that managers should keep employees “focused” and “on-task” to maximize productivity. But recent research has shown that occasionally allowing employees to space out, goof off and daydream can actually benefit your business.

    Yep, we said it.

    And big employers like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn agree. They give their employees “goof off time” to experiment, zone out or pursue something they’re passionate about. All that “piddling around” has ultimately resulted in some of their most successful products, including Gmail and AdSense.

    Maybe they’re onto something here.

    So before you crack down on that employee who’s staring off into space, consider the following ways daydreaming can actually IMPROVE productivity, creativity and focus:

    Daydreaming activates and engages the brain.

    While the activity seems passive, the human brain is actually extremely active during a daydream. In fact, daydreaming involves the same brain processes associated with imagination and creativity, and it’s in this engaged state that employees may make sudden connections and have profound insights.

    Daydreaming frees employees’ minds from “tunnel vision.”

    When actively brainstorming solutions, the brain doesn’t have full access to memory banks where useful information resides. But when the mind is free to wander, research has shown that it can access memories and potential solutions that the conscious mind just can’t.

    Mental vacations help employees recharge and refocus.

    Ever hear of a microburst? It’s a brief “recovery period” that allows bodies (or brains) to rapidly restore a high level of function. A simple two-minute “mental vacation” – playing a quick round of Candy Crush or just staring out the window – provides employees with enough of a break to boost focus, attention and productivity

    Microbursts and daydreams can be great productivity boosters, but sometimes they’re just not enough to help you accomplish everything you need to do. If you could use an extra hand, Exact Staff is ready to lend one!

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Definitive Ways to Make Your Office a Great Place to Work

05/27/15 3:59 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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Did your office make Forbes’ 100 Best Companies to Work For?

If not, don’t despair! Yours can still be a great place to work, even without a fancy title or a massive budget. What separates the good from the great? Let’s take a look at some definitive ways to become an employer of choice – and a real magnet for top talent.

Recognize individual and group accomplishments.

Develop a formal plan to reward the people and work groups who contribute to your success. Celebrate the big wins – and the little ones, too.

Keep employees apprised of the “big picture.”

Make sure everyone in your company – at every level and in every department – knows how their job contributes to the greater good of your organization and the world at large.

Strengthen your corporate culture.

Not surprisingly, people want to work in a culture that aligns with their own preferences and priorities. Work with your employees to critically examine your work environment and brainstorm opportunities for improvement:

  • Survey employees anonymously to determine what works in your culture and what doesn’t.
  • Find out what individuals value most in the workplace.
  • Ask employees for specific ideas on how to enhance teamwork, improve work conditions, and offer greater flexibility.
  • Once you determine what you need to do to build a better culture, assign employees responsibility for implementing culture changes.

Prioritize career development.

Meet with employees individually to determine their interest in growth and learning opportunities. Help each individual to develop a three-to-five-year career development plan that provides the challenge and clear direction they need.

Live up to your commitments.

High performers want to work for employers that do what they say they’re going to do. Building an environment in which employees can really trust managers to honor promises fosters greater loyalty, pride in work, teamwork and productivity.

Keep your ears and your door open.

Your talented employees have great ideas. Make sure you have an established mechanism for sharing them – and then implementing their best suggestions! Likewise, create both formal and informal ways for your staff to communicate their concerns and frustrations (without fear of repercussion). Whenever they need to share, make sure you’re available to hear them out.

High performers choose Exact Staff to help them in their search for employment, because they know we’re a great place to work. Need one of our top candidates for an assignment or direct hire? Give our premier staffing agency a call. Contact the experienced team of recruiters at Exact Staff today.

How to Juggle the Needs of Different Generations within Your Workforce

05/18/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Uncategorized | Leave a Comment
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“Millennials are narcissistic and entitled.”

“Boomers are on their way out.”

“Gen X has no vision.”

Heard comments like these before? They’re based on dangerous stereotypes – and when managers operate with this kind of mindset, it can limit productivity, teamwork and organizational success.

The truth is, each generation brings unique talents, perspectives, and skill sets to your organization. To get these diverse age groups to work cohesively, you must manage them differently.

So what works best?

Today, Exact Staff shares three tips for juggling the needs of a multigenerational workforce – and improving your organizational performance:

Managing Boomers.

Baby Boomers value loyalty, recognition, top-down management and face-to-face communication. The Great Recession devastated pensions and retirement plans for this demographic, so many are now planning to stay in the workforce longer. To get the most out of Boomers, provide clear rules and expectations. Encourage in-person collaboration when they work with younger counterparts, and tap their knowledge by asking them to mentor less-experienced peers.

Managing Generation Xers.

Now assuming essential leadership roles, Gen X employees thrive on direct, constructive feedback. To leverage their full value, give them what they want most. According to Hartford’s 2014 Millennial Leadership Survey, those wants include: offering training and development (cited by 50% of survey participants), a clear career path (35%) and ongoing coaching and feedback (34%).

Managing Millennials.

Also known as “Generation Y,” these individuals have developed a worldview shaped by mobile technology and the Great Recession. They value flexibility and are change-tolerant, expecting to make many job switches during their careers. Get the most from these employees by:

  • Providing timely feedback
  • Showing them how their work matters to the organization, the community and the world
  • Focusing on productivity and results delivered – as opposed to hours logged in the office

Another great way to improve organizational performance?

Provide extra support when your employees need it most. When deadlines are tight and the stakes are high, Exact Staff, premier national staffing firm, can quickly deliver talented people to help you get your work done. Bring in our temporary employees to increase your capacity or perform non-essential activities. We’ll keep your team focused, productive and working effectively as a group.

Data Behind the Impact Gratitude can Have on Workplace Productivity

05/15/15 3:31 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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Think “gratitude” is one of those overrated constructs that doesn’t really matter much in the workplace?

We get it! Most of us have been conditioned to believe that “nice people finish last,” so it’s not surprising that gratitude isn’t more highly valued in the world of work.

But we’ve also found some interesting data that proves the very real impact gratitude can have on workplace productivity.

Here are a few powerful facts from a Happier Human post – facts that aren’t just feel-good, but are supported by the results of over 40 research studies on gratitude.

Gratitude makes managers more effective.

Constructive criticism is certainly an essential skill in a manager’s arsenal, but so are praise and expressions of gratitude. If managers offer moderate, behavior-focused praise, gratitude has a tremendous positive impact on employee performance.

Gratitude enhances decision-making.

One study showed that gratitude motivated doctors to expend more energy, and therefore make more correct decisions, than doctors who received no expressions of gratitude. In situations requiring complex decision-making, gratitude can motivate individuals to work harder to make better choices.

Gratitude boosts productivity.

Insecurity at work can lead to trouble focusing. Instead of investing mental energy into doing a great job, workers who lack confidence tie up their mental resources (both conscious and subconscious) in worries. By contrast, research supports the idea that highly confident workers are more productive. Free from worry, their minds are able to focus wholly on their work. And what increases self-esteem and reduces insecurity at work? You guessed it – expressions of gratitude.

But despite these benefits, gratitude is tough to encourage in others – especially in the workplace. A study by the John Templeton Foundation showed that:

  • People are less likely to show gratitude on the job than almost any other place.
  • 74% of employees never or rarely express thanks to their boss.

How can you change things?

Lead by example.

The best way to get your employees to express more gratitude is by doing so yourself. Thank employees formally and informally, for things big and small. Express your appreciation to both groups and individuals, making sure to personalize expressions of gratitude whenever possible.

Another great way to express gratitude for employees’ hard work?

Provide the support they need. Whether it’s a single temporary for a day or an entire project team, Exact Staff provides a range of staffing and placement services to increase productivity and create a healthier bottom line.

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