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  • Office Productivity Starts with a Healthy Diet

    04/30/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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    Want to boost employees’ productivity?

    Help them “feed their brains!”

    Nutrition advice is everywhere. But quite honestly, your employees may not know how to make sense of complex (and sometimes conflicting) recommendations for a healthy diet. Furthermore, it can be tough for your team to prepare productivity-boosting foods under time crunches and financial constraints.

    So today, Exact Staff is making things a bit easier for you and your employees. Here are four practical tips for a healthy diet that will boost your team’s focus and productivity:

    • Require employees to take a real break.

      Make sure everybody has enough time to feed their brains each day. Taking a lunch break is a fantastic way to get away from the stressors of work for a small time, refuel your body with nutrients and also refocus your efforts for the second portion of the day.

    • Skip the last-minute pizza.

      Offer healthy options when providing food for your staff. With just a little research, you can find restaurants that offer less processed foods which are high in protein and antioxidants.

      Apply the same logic to the snacks you make available to employees. Chocolate and doughnuts are tasty, but employees will perform better if you treat them to performance-boosting foods like fruit, nuts and other sources of protein.

    • Share ideas for a healthy breakfast.

      Mornings are crazy for most working individuals. Make it easier for your employees to get off to a great start by sharing quick, nutritious and portable breakfast recipes on your intranet, in the company newsletter or even on a bulletin board in the break room.

    • Invite a nutritionist in for a lunch seminar.

      Ask him to review tips for preparing quick, healthy and tasty meals on a budget. Use the opportunity to provide a healthy lunch for your team, and then ask employees to pay attention to how they feel throughout the rest of the day. Once your staff makes the connection between food choices and work performance, they’ll be more likely to follow the advice a professional nutritionist offers.

    Employees super busy?

    Maximize their performance by helping them make better food choices, and by providing the support they need. Whether it’s a single temporary for a day or an entire project team, Exact Staff provides a range of staffing and placement services to increase productivity and create a healthier bottom line.


Creating a Policy around Wearable Technology in the Workplace

04/17/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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Here we go again.

Just a few years ago, HR and business leaders were challenged with creating effective BYOD policies to leverage the power and workplace flexibility that mobile technologies afford. Now, it’s wearable technology’s turn to change the game.

Whether it’s the Apple Watch, Google Glass or a Fitbit, more and more of your employees are becoming reliant on wearable tech. But while adoption rate predictions vary, it won’t be long before you see this technology playing an increasing role in your workplace.

So once again, your HR policy needs to stay ahead of the game. Use these tips to create a wearable technology policy that ensures productivity stays high, while keeping both your employees and your company safe:

Think forward.

Assemble key department leaders and the IT department to brainstorm the potential applications for wearable technology within your business. For example, a product like Google Glass might be able to help an employee view step-by-step instructions (for handling anything from a repair to a customer complaint) right in front of him, without needing to be in front of a computer.

Be mindful of security issues.

Along with all of the amazing ways wearable tech could improve your business, consider the potential pitfalls as well. Employees may, for instance, need to store sensitive documents or protected information on their wearable devices. When you need to terminate someone, how do you ensure that data isn’t compromised? Make sure your WYOD policy addresses these and other concerns related to any valuable intellectual property:

  1. Provide emergency plans, so employees know what to do if their equipment is lost, stolen, hacked or damaged.
  2. Proactively address issues related to the collection of electronically stored information. Be sure to include: restrictions on cloud-based storage; rules for collecting and storing personal information (such as images of other employees); and restrictions for syncing company-issued wearable devices with other devices in employees’ homes.

Include potential safety concerns.

What would happen if an employee wearing a company-issued wearable tech device became distracted and either caused an accident or injured himself? What would happen if a wearable produced adverse health effects in an employee? Be sure to:

  • Provide comprehensive training to employees using wearables.
  • Create policies that take into account the potential for accidents, injuries and other health issues.

As wearable tech adoption increases within your workplace, commit to regularly reviewing and updating your company policies. A proactive approach will help protect your organization, while still allowing you to leverage the productivity and performance advantages wearable technology offers.

Your workplace is changing. Exact Staff’s solutions keep pace.

Factors like technology, demographics and the economy continually transform HR’s role. Exact Staff is here to help you keep pace. Together, we can develop a staffing strategy to address your top priorities – and ensure flexible, cost-effective access to the talented people you need. Contact our staffing services today.

7 Hot Apps to Increase Workplace Productivity

04/17/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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Words with Friends? Pinterest? Candy Crush?

They sure are fun, but they’ll do little to improve your – or your team’s – productivity.

Thankfully, there are a ton of apps that can! Check out these top Android and iOS apps, specifically designed to boost personal and workplace productivity. And then get ready to make some room on your device:


This multi-purpose, stylus-compatible app allows you to take notes, create to-do lists, scan business cards, and more. Everything you do is immediately backed up to the cloud, ensuring you never lose your ideas.

Focus Lock.

Our devices are amazing productivity tools – but they can also be a constant source of distraction. This Android app allows you to select apps to be locked out of for a period of time, while still allowing you to receive phone calls and check emails.


You probably already use Dropbox on your computer, but this app allows you to move content seamlessly between your computer and your mobile device. Amazingly, this app even loads your files in places with no internet connectivity.


Create and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the go, directly from your mobile device. To make storing and accessing files easier, this app offers up to 15 GB free.


Finding it tough to keep in touch with prospects, clients and colleagues? Contractually’s mobile app allows you to put your contacts into “buckets,” and then decide how often you should follow up with the people in each group. The app:

  • reminds you when it’s time to get in touch,
  • displays the last time you spoke to each contact; and
  • offers dynamic templates to make digital communication convenient (without losing the human touch).


If you give visual presentations as part of your job, you need this app. Using Dropbox’s cloud storage technology, this app automatically organizes photos and videos into user-friendly galleries that are perfect for presentations.


Worried that you or your team is spending too much time on unproductive activities? Rein things in with RescueTime. This productivity app runs in your device’s background, tracking time spent on specific websites, calls, apps and more – and issuing warnings when you’ve exceeded established limits.

Another great way to keep workplace productivity high?

Provide temporary support when your employees need it most. When heavy workloads and tight deadlines threaten to undermine your staff’s productivity, Exact Staff quickly delivers talented temporary employees to increase your capacity or perform non-core activities. We’ll keep your team productive and focused on their top priorities.

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