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  • The Power of Your Personal Brand when Searching for a New Job

    02/5/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice | Leave a Comment
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    Undeniably, your online reputation greatly impacts your job search success.

    But if managing privacy settings to block your profiles is your chief concerns, you could be missing out on important opportunities to:

    • Differentiate yourself;
    • Get noticed by recruiters;
    • Occupy a unique, competitive position in a potential employer’s mind;
    • And ultimately land the job you want!

    How can you accomplish all of this and more?

    A GREAT way to start is to develop a compelling personal brand.

    So, what’s a personal brand?

    A personal branding statement accurately sums up your “unique selling proposition” or USP – the distinct benefit or value you offer a potential employer – in 30 words or less. This statement provides a compelling reason to hire you, by communicating who you are, what you do (and for whom), how you do it better or differently, and your essential attributes.


    “I am an experienced customer service professional who specializes in strengthening client bonds to increase sales, satisfaction levels and customer retention.”

    How can you use your personal brand during the job search?

    Here are four tips to help you leverage the power of your personal brand when you’re searching for a new job:

    Align your social profiles.

    Both Facebook and LinkedIn provide prominent places to display your personal branding statement.  Take advantage of this “free advertising”! Update your profiles and include essential branding keywords in your summaries.

    Get active!

    To get noticed by recruiters, you need to get involved:

    • Publish articles. If you can write well, publish articles relevant to your area of expertise. The more you “show what you know,” the more credibility you lend to your brand.
    • Post content, links and news. Reinforce your credibility by demonstrating that you keep current with developments in your industry.
    • Answer questions. Search relevant forums and communities for questions related to your area of expertise. When appropriate, post well thought-out responses that demonstrate your knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

    Interconnect your social media.

    Build a stronger “web” by creating links. Whenever you post content, include links to your email address, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, as well as any other social media you regularly use.

    Be selective.

    When it comes to leveraging your personal brand, more is not always better. So while it may be tempting to create profiles on every platform, start small. Select a handful of sites, forums and communities that promise the most benefit for promoting your brand, and then limit your activity to these networks.

    Need help defining your USP?

    Contact an Exact Staff Career Agent at 1.877.364.2999. We can help you identify your strengths, evaluate your career options, and find assignments and full-time positions that align with your goals.

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