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  • The Future of the Paper Resume

    11/29/14 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice, News | Leave a Comment
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    Ahhh, the paper resume. That beautiful sheet of expensive, heavy-weight stock that summarizes your greatest accomplishments, relevant skills, employment history and (if you even have room for it!) your name.

    Is its future as bleak as those career advice sites would lead you to believe?

    Yes and no.

    You Still Need a Paper Resume for a Variety of Reasons:

    • While interviewing, recruiters often prefer to take notes directly on your paper resume.
    • Many businesses (especially smaller ones) have yet to invest in sophisticated digital recruiting technology.
    • Though QR codes on business cards are slick, a paper resume is still the norm at job fairs. Handing over a professional-looking paper resume, printed on high-quality stock, shows that you understand the recruiting “rules of engagement” and are willing to follow them.

    But those “rules of engagement” are rapidly evolving. With the advent of online job boards and a dizzying array of digital submission options, a printed piece is no longer sufficient.

    Creating a Resume that Stands Out in a Modern Job Search:

    • Create multiple versions of your resume. In today’s recruiting environment, you need plain-text, .pdf, mobile-compatible and ATS-friendly versions of your resume to complement your printed piece. Make sure each is customized to the job you want and adheres to the latest standards.
    • Test each version. How will your resume display if it’s emailed? If it’s uploaded to Dropbox or Google Docs? Make sure you test the file formats you use to ensure they display accurately when sent digitally. Read application instructions carefully to see what versions an employer accepts. Use common fonts to minimize display errors. And when in doubt, upload or attach a .pdf version as a back-up.
    • Include hyperlinks. Have an impressive professional website, blog or online portfolio? Link to it directly from your digital resume. Be smart and also upload digital versions of sample documents directly, so recruiters can access them even if links break or servers go down.
    • Consider replacing your old “objective statement.” If your career objective is too general or pretentious, it could hurt your candidacy. Make sure yours is concise, specific and results-focused – otherwise, it’s wasting valuable space. To grab a recruiter’s attention, consider switching to a tagline, which is a statement of what you do or what your area of specialty is.

    Need More Help with Your Professional Resume?

    Exact Staff recruiters are here to support your job search efforts. Whether you’re seeking temporary, contract or direct employment, our employment experts can provide valuable resume tips, interview feedback and career guidance to make your search a success. Contact our team of experienced recruiters today for more information!

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