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  • With 2014 Half Over How Will YOU Reach Your Annual Goals?

    06/23/14 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice | Leave a Comment
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    We’re nearing the end of June meaning 2014 is halfway over. Chances are, at the beginning of the year you set goals for your organization — but are you able to meet them in the remaining six months? Of course you are!

    Companies set hiring goals in order to be more productive and efficient, and in turn profitable. When you fall short of your hiring goals, your company may suffer. Meeting hiring goals tends to be put on the backburner while other aspects of business take the forefront. Often, managers become desperate and hire people who aren’t qualified to fill the position. Not only is this a waste of time, it’s a waste of money.

    This is where an employment firm (like us!) comes in. Staffing agencies are able to find qualified employees to fill positions when companies are unable to do so. As you know, finding the proper candidate takes time and can be costly. This is where we step in and act as a matchmaker, finding the right candidate to fit your organization’s needs. Plus, you’ll save your organization money by outsourcing all of the time and effort involved in recruiting and interviewing candidates.

    So…How Can You Reach Your Annual Goals?

    One great option to meet the seasonal and/or production demand is to hire temporary workers. Temporary workers are employees who are hired for a specific project or for a shorter period of time. According to the American Staffing Association, temporary workers make up approximately two percent of the U.S. workforce. One benefit of hiring temporary employees is cost reduction. When using temporary employees that work for staffing agencies, your company isn’t responsible for benefits or unemployment claims.

    Another great benefit of temporary employees is risk reduction. Think about it, when you hire a permanent employee, you’re taking a gamble on how good they really are. Some people interview very well, but turn out to be a not-so-great employee. Temporary employees aren’t permanent staff, but they work in the office just like everyone else. It gives you time to get to know the employee, see if they are a good worker, and maybe consider hiring them on a permanent basis. Situations like this are called “temp-to-hire” positions.

    With only six months left, let us help you meet your annual goals. Start by contacting one of our recruiters today!

3 Must-Know Tips When Hiring College Graduates

06/20/14 7:40 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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Many employers hesitate when it comes to hiring new college graduates, but they may be worrying needlessly. Sure, young prospects may not have corporate experience, but they haven’t been living in a cave for the last twenty-odd years. You may be surprised at how much they have to offer. Take the time to really analyze your needs and get to know each candidate before making a hiring decision.

Look at non work-related experience and read between the lines. Did they take leadership roles or learn to work as a part of a team in high school or college sports and activities? There are valuable skills to be learned on the soccer field or backstage that can translate easily to the workplace.

Three Ideas to Consider When Hiring Recent Grads

1. Look Beyond GPA.
A strong GPA is great! It can indicate intelligence and most likely a decent work ethic. But it’s not really enough to predict success in the workplace. A high GPA could just as easily come from taking non-challenging classes or avoiding outside activities. A candidate with a middle-of-the road GPA may have worked their way through college, built leadership skills through social networking or taken classes outside of her comfort zone.  Interview with a mindset of figuring out these kinds of details before dismissing a candidate with less than a 4.0.

2. Focus on Leadership Skills.
Leadership is one of the most underestimated keys to long-term career success. Identify leadership skills in a young candidate and nurture that potential to develop an employee that can make a significant long-term impact on your organization. Today’s young, inexperienced candidates are tomorrow’s leaders. Build a strategy for future growth by creating a career path for high-potential candidates and mentoring them to success.

 3. Find Someone Who Fits Your Culture.
New college graduates are not all alike. Take the time to get to know each candidate under consideration for hire. Determine how well they will fit into your company culture. Are they conservative and process oriented? Flexible and comfortable with change?  Do they work better within rigid parameters or are they willing to pitch in on any project where their skills are useful? Identifying potential employees whose work styles mesh with your company culture is the key to hiring success.

Whether a potential employee is entry level or mid-career, they bring a wealth of experience, insight and potential to the table. Hiring managers with strong screening and interviewing skills can help to identify those who fit best into your company.

If you need expert help with hiring and staffing, contact ExactStaff. Our skill and experience in finding just the right fit candidate for every role can make all the difference in your business success. Get started with ExactStaff today.



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