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  • 3 New Trends That Will Change HR Technology

    04/22/14 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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    HR technology is becoming increasingly popular and extremely beneficial to organizations. As we have discussed in our recent HR related blog articles, there are already so many apps out there for the HR professional.

    It’s important to understand what drives these technologies, so our team at Exact Staff has created this post to help your organization understand the new trends influencing HR technology.

    Talent is everywhere.
    Although your office may be in one market, the talent you need might be in another. Real talent is everywhere and your company should have the best of the best, no matter where the potential candidate lives. Make sure your company increases its global presence by being on networks with a worldwide reach. You don’t want to miss out on top talent because you are only searching locally.

    Real-time talent assessments.
    Gone are the days of the traditional, annual reviews. Thanks to technology, talent can be assessed in real-time. Organizations who utilize real-time performance analysis help their employees understand their weaknesses and allow them to work on them immediately. These assessments make for a stronger workforce as employees are constantly improving. Plus, organizations can provide employees with the tools necessary to succeed.

    Having access at your fingertips.
    Everything we do these days is on the go. How often are you checking your phone while you’re out of the office? Think of all the job seekers who are doing the same. Your organization should make applying while on the go as easy as possible. If you want to reach top talent, you need to be everywhere they are.

    Additional benefits.
    Employees are looking for a strong work-life balance, so offer them additional benefits. These benefits could be childcare, flexible work schedules, gym memberships, and other office perks like free lunch. Your employees want to feel like they are cared about and not just another number. Offering these additional benefits promotes higher employee morale.

    Utilizing HR technology will help contribute to the success of your organization’s recruiting efforts. It’s crucial to stay on top of these trends, and we can help you do so. Contact our team of expert recruiters today for more information.


Traditional Performance Appraisals Don’t Work – Here’s Why

04/16/14 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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Performance appraisals are a traditional practice within most organizations, but when it comes down to it, they really don’t work. Forward-thinking organizations want their employees to be ingrained in the culture and they favor a participative work environment, but traditional performance appraisals say the exact opposite.

A traditional performance appraisal consists of the manager writing a review for their employee, and sometimes asking the employee to perform a self-review. Since most managers don’t keep track of what their employees do year-round, employee appraisals tend to be based off the most recent weeks. Often, managers dislike doing this task. Many managers feel uncomfortable judging their employees and forming opinions only on what they can remember, which can lead to managers putting this task off as long as possible. Plus, traditional performance appraisals tend to be linked to salary increases, so managers know they are limiting their employees if they rate their performance less than excellent.

Traditional performance appraisals fail to encourage true best performance, so it’s time to take a modernized approach. One technique as part of a modernized approach is getting associate input. This is the time for managers to gather feedback from an employee’s peers, direct reports, and even customers. Once the input is gathered, the manager and employee review it together and have an open dialogue about the feedback. Together, they can come up with a plan for development that will enhance the employee’s skills and knowledge.

Another part of modernized performance appraisals is holding a review more than once a year. The traditional review happened annually, but workplaces are constantly changing and growing and it’s important to gather and give feedback more regularly. When employees are made aware of things to improve upon throughout the year, they have more time for improvement. Plus, it gives the employee the opportunity to create their own goals and have realistic deadlines to meet them.

There are many other strategies for improving performance within your organization that follow a more modern approach. For more information on these strategies, contact one of our experienced recruiters today!

Start Building Your All-Star Team | 6 Tips on Piecing Together Your Workforce

04/8/14 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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The word “team” is often referenced in workplaces on a regular basis. Employers want employees to work as part of the team, employees need to know how to work on a team, but few leaders know how to develop a successful team. It’s important for employees to understand the meaning of being a part of a team, and in order for them to do so they need to know the organization’s overall objectives. Although each employee has a specific job function, working as a team helps accomplish the overall mission.

Our expert recruiters at Exact Staff have designed this post to help your organization start building an all-star team.

  1. Have clear expectations for your team. Clearly communicate what is expected from not only each individual person, but the overall team. Team members should know why they are a member of the team in the first place, and what the organization is looking for them to achieve.
  2. Explain why they are part of the team. Give team members some context as to why they are part of the team. Explain your organization’s business goals and how this team will help the organization achieve them.
  3. Utilize competent employees. In order to have a successful team, the employees need to be competent and their skills and expertise should complement one another. It’s important as an employer to give the team the resources and support they need to succeed.
  4. Stress the importance of collaboration. In order to have a successful team, members need to work together. Ideas should be bounced off one another, and problem solving should be done as a group. Let your team know that collaboration is what will make them most successful.
  5. Communicate. Communication is essential for any successful project. Make sure each member of the team knows what they are responsible for, and make sure they are communicating this information to one another. It’s important to communicate so everyone is on the same page.

Looking to add to your team in 2014? Contact our team of expert recruiters today for more information on the talent solutions we provide organizations across the United States!

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