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  • Stay Mentally Fit – Exercise Your Brain

    11/29/13 1:26 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Job Seekers | Leave a Comment
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    Most of us focus on our physical fitness, whether we head to the gym or take a walk around the block. Few of us focus on brain fitness, probably because we didn’t know we could exercise it. That’s right, we can exercise our brains just as we would our arms and legs, and the results are positive. If you’re still unsure of how this works, think of your brain as you would a muscle. To make it better you can’t just repeat the same monotonous exercises, rather you should do things that challenge you. Your brain is able to grow and change as a response to new challenges, so go ahead and challenge your brain!

    For those who still may be skeptical, there is science behind brain training. Scientists previously believed that once you reached adulthood, your mental abilities were fixed. Well, there are plenty of studies on neuroplasticity that have proved the opposite. Have you ever heard of the game Lumosity? If not, it’s a “game” you can play on your smartphone or computer that really is more of a brain training program.

    The neuroscientists behind Lumosity are determined to prove it works. A previous study of a small group of people who did Lumosity training over five weeks improved on brain performance tests compared against those who did not train. On average, those who did train improved memory scores by 10 percent and attention scores by 20 percent.

    Obviously the point of brain training isn’t to increase your game scores, but to translate these improved brain functions to real-life applications. For example, having a better attention span may mean greater focus at a business meeting allowing you to grasp something you might not have before. Also, having a better memory can help improve and strengthen relationships.

    Brain training is an investment of time, but it’s worth it. It’s not something you should start then abandon. It’s a small amount of time out of each day and consistency is crucial.

    Exact Staff is an award winning, woman-owned staffing company. Since 1996 we have formed thousands of relationships with clients and jobs seekers. People choose to work with us because of our passion for personal satisfaction and success, and because we practice equality, commitment and loyalty. Want to learn how a partnership with us can help your next job search? Contact us today!

Top Workplace Trends for 2014

11/15/13 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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Workplace trends are tricky to predict, as you never know what the future will hold. Unfortunately, 2014 is showing no signs of improvement and with the Affordable Care Act next year, there are going to be some major changes. Also, baby boomers are beginning to retire, and the entire concept of “work” is slowly changing. Hiring processes will most likely shift as recruiters tend to search the Internet and rely on word-of-mouth reputation. Our team at Exact Staff has gathered a list of top workplace trends for 2014 that may affect you directly.

  • Healthcare will impact the workplace, significantly. According to CNN Money, 9 out of 14 economists say that businesses are delaying hiring due to the health care reform next year. The health care reform forces companies with 50 or more workers to provide healthcare starting in 2015. Some economists even feel that companies will be laying off more of their full-time staff and replacing them with contingent workers in order to avoid the penalty.
  • The popularity of freelancing will increase. Currently, 17 million Americans are freelancers, contractors, or consultants, and in six years there will be more of them than full-time employees. Employers benefit greatly from freelancers because they are saving money by not having to pay benefits, and they get experts specific fields for specialized projects. Plus, freelancers often work from home instead of the office, saving companies money.
  • The gender pay gap will finally s tart to close. If you breakdown pay by generation, there isn’t much discrepancy between Generation Y. For example, there is only a 2 to 3 percent difference between male and female pay across all generations, and the gap is smallest for Millennials. The gap will continue to shrink as more women are being educated, and more men are leaving the workforce. Millennials are all about equality, which also will help to close the gap.
  • Employers continue to find new ways of filtering out candidates. Applying to jobs is highly competitive and the reason is simple: fewer jobs and more candidates. Companies are now filtering out candidates immediately by using automated processes to screen out qualities they dislike. For examples, companies may screen out candidates who do not have a college degree.
  • More companies will offer wellness programs. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health and wellness at work will become a huge topic of conversation. The ACA gives employers rewards to encourage healthier behaviors. A healthy workforce is more beneficial to both an organization and its employees.

These are just some of many trends that are predicted for 2014. For more information on any of the above, or details on how they may affect you directly call your staffing team at Exact Staff.

Increase Profitability – Today!

11/8/13 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : News | Leave a Comment
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To make the most of your marketing mix (the combination of promotions, products, distribution channels, and prices), it’s important to find the right balance between each opportunity. Combining short and long-term strategies will help you create an even more profitable marketing mix.

Short-term marketing strategies create immediate return and revenue. The results of these strategies tend to be direct and quantifiable. The main disadvantage of short-term marketing is that the effect is temporary. Long-term strategies on the other hand help build brand awareness and contribute to a gradual boost in revenue. Our team at Exact Staff has compiled some short and long-term strategy examples to help your organization increase profitability.

Short-term Marketing Strategies
Reduced price sales! Everyone loves a good sale. Sales encourage customers to act quickly, in fear of missing out on a good deal. They also push customers who are “meaning to buy” something an incentive to do so.

Group discounts and offers. This technique is a good way to get your product and services in front of new customers, or give “exclusive” groups a permanent discount.

Long-term Marketing Strategies
Branding activities. These are activities that build familiarity and trust amongst your customers. This will help create customer loyalty.

Industry relationships. Building relationships with companies involved in your industry puts you in a good position to know about new opportunities that may be beneficial for your organization.

Charitable giving. Donating money, services, and time almost always builds a positive image within the community. This strategy increases a company’s trustworthiness, and gives customers the sense of confidence in your brand.

Research and development. Conduct research and gather feedback from current customers and prospects and tailor your products and services to meet their needs. This strategy will help ensure future growth.

To increase your organization’s profitability, find the right blend of these strategies.  For example, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a good way to advertise and highlight promotions. PPC also builds long-term brand awareness by exposing potential customers to your website. Finding the right combination of short and long-term strategies will help achieve immediate sales goals (short term) while building a positive reputation in the community (long term). To find the best mix of strategies for your organization, contact us today!

Want to learn how a partnership with Exact Staff can make you more profitable? Contact us today! Experts in providing temporary and permanent staff across the country, we are happy to discuss any staffing needs you may have.

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