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  • New OSHA Initiatives to Protect Temporary Employees

    08/5/13 5:42 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice, Job Safety | Leave a Comment
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    The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced new initiatives to protect temporary workers from serious workplace hazards, and the Exact Staff team has the details for you.

    Due to increased reports of temporary workers suffering injuries on the job, OSHA created a new initiative to protect temporary workers.  Employers have a duty to provide necessary safety and health training to their employees.

    To kick-off this initiative, OSHA has begun working with the American Staffing Association and those employers that use staffing agencies. The goal is to ensure employers are applying best practices and temporary workers are protected from job hazards.

    OSHA inspectors will be visiting job sites and inspecting worksites where temporary employees are employed. Site visits include checking to determine whether the workers are exposed to conditions that violate OSHA rules, and whether they received health and safety training. Also, OSHA developed a new code to better track health and safety violations when employees are exposed to hazards.

    If you are a temporary employee, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor any health and safety related questions. He/she should be able to answer them for you, and if not direct you to the person who can. If you are an employer using temporary associates please be sure to be educated on the most recent OSHA safe workplace initiatives – an Exact Staff representative will be happy to get you this information.

    For more information about OSHA’s new initiative and any additional workplace information contact an EXACT STAFF team member today!

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