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Exact Staff News

  • Happy Mothers Day!

    05/10/13 8:44 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Community, News | Leave a Comment
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    This weekend we celebrate the women who have profoundly shaped the course of our lives: our moms. 

    Mothers deal with the challenges of their children. Mothers endure long, sleepless nights. Mothers experience anxiety over their children’s health, dreams and fears. Mother’s give of themselves emotionally, physically, financially, relationally and without a doubt: constantly.
    Moms are leaders. They have the compassion to kiss away the falls of life; the strength to fight the wrongs their children are faced with; the resilience to stay up and comfort, soothe and rock back to sleep; the humor to laugh at themselves, their children and their challenges; the vision to realize opportunity when others see limitations; the empathy to listen without judgment; the wisdom to share life-changing encouragement; and the faith to know that regardless of today’s challenges, the best is yet to come.

    So what do you say to the people who most profoundly impact your life?  How do you thank someone who pours into you everything they have, every day of their lifetime? This weekend is your chance. Reach out to your mom, grandmother, godmother, mother of your children or any other mother figure you are blessed to have and simply say thank you and I love you.

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