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    10/28/11 5:22 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Job Seekers | Leave a Comment
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    I was talking to a candidate in our lobby this morning and I asked to see her resume.  She had terrific experience, exceptional skills and I have NO DOUBT that we will be placing her in a terrific career. BUT, I asked her to remove 3 things from her resume to give her the best possible opportunity to be considered by our clients.  These included:


    1.  Removing her picture from the resume.  It was small, professional looking and still not appropriate.  It’s discriminatory to make a decision about hiring you based on your appearance anyway, so there is no relevance in including a photo.  Additionally this is valuable space for you to include further skills and history information that SHOULD get you the job!
    2. Deleting her hobbies/old work history.  Her job at a retail store when she was in high school was unnecessary compared to the 14 years of career experience that she obtained since that time.  Removing that early job gave her more white space to add pertinent info. on more current experience.  Sharing her hobby of sky diving, while pretty darn cool, would not convince her possible employer that she is the appropriate accounting candidate for them.
    3. Take out the infamous last line “References available upon Request.”  In today’s job market, it is expected that you will furnish references and that you have them lined up and ready to go BEFORE they’re requested.


    Don’t give up on your job quest!  Companies are hiring, the economy will bring new opportunities and you can find a great job with the right support and tools.  Please visit us at www.exactstaff.com so we can help you in your quest for the EXACT career you’re seeking!  And send a friend our way too!


    Karenjo Goodwin


    Exact Staff, Inc.


10/27/11 10:22 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Community, Welcome | Leave a Comment
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This is my first blog as the owner and CEO of Exact Staff.  I’m excited to share the insights of our staffing team, our associates and our amazing client base with all of you.

In today’s economy our staffing teams are seeing some of the most talented and gifted job seekers we’ve seen in years!  Why is it that one job seeker gets a position over another, equally qualified candidate?  We’ve noticed that candidates who are confident, positive and see themselves as a problem-solver for an employer (vs. simply a “job-seeker”) are more likely to land the job.

Remember that every business is looking for the experience, skills and talents that can help them solve their problems.  When you do the research and investigation on your targeted “companies of choice” be sure to identify issues and challenges that business or industry faces and determine how your skills and capabilities can turn you into the problem-solver they need.  You have something to offer rather than needing something from that business.  YOU ARE A VALUABLE RESOURCE that needs to be added to the team!

Let us help you identify your strengths and get you into the right mindset to get that career you deserve.  For more info. and a chance to chat with us, come see us at www.exactstaff.com. Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/ExactStaff1

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