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Corporate Responsibility

Exact Staff believes it is our collective responsibility to provide a healthy and safe environment for the workplace and our planet. We are committed to a policy of preservation and conservation and waste reduction that we share with our staff, clients, associates and the community.

Promoting a Green Planet

Exact Staff is passionate about nurturing and protecting our planet. We continually seek new ways to implement sustainable business practices within our company and with our business clients, associates and vendors. Our plan for living Green includes:

  • Identifying green processes and initiating environmentally friendly procedures
  • Collaborating with business partners to develop business-to-business sustainability programs
  • Auditing current and future sustainability programs to ensure they meet standards
  • Working with community leaders to educate the community on green practices

Employee Health and Safety

Exact Staff is committed to healthy and safe work environments for our associates and clients. We require that our clients, associates and vendor partners comply with all applicable safety, health and security regulations. Our mission is to produce work environments that:

  • Exceed safety, health, and security regulations
  • Encourage communications on working conditions
  • Seek out effective safety partnerships

Exact Chance

Exact Staff understands and respects the dignity that is a life and the important respect that comes with being given a second chance at an opportunity to work and be productive in society. We have several special client company relationships in which people who have graduated successfully from city sponsored rehabilitation programs may gain employment opportunities with those companies.

Business Continuity and Recovery

Exact Staff recognizes that power outages and natural and man-made disasters can disrupt business. The health and safety of our associates and the continuity of our our clients' operations are invaluable to us. Measures we have taken for disaster recovery and continuity include:

  • Relocation Plan. Our multitude of offices allows Exact Staff to relocate local or regional operations in the event of a disaster.
  • Location Monitoring. Exact Staff tracks our local and regional locations for emergencies that may affect our clients, employees and assets. This allows us to take action immediately
  • Emergency Management Team.We have designated a First Response management team to direct our staff, associates and clients in the event of an emergency or disaster.