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  • Preparing for January 2015 | Laws to Pay Attention to (part 3)

    01/27/15 5:31 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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    January may be nearing an end…

    … but we’re far from finished with our review of 21 new laws that may affect your business. Missed the first two installments? Read Preparing for January 2105 (Part 1) and Preparing for January 2015 (Part 2).

    We know that compliance may not be the most riveting topic, but it’s an essential part of running a successful organization. So today, we’re providing a quick overview of two more laws that should be on your radar.

    This summary is not intended as legal advice, but it will help you better understand the impact the new legislation could have on your organization – as well as the ways our staffing firm can help!

    1. AB 1034 (Modifications to Health Care Coverage Eligibility Provisions)

    What you need to know:

    Under the new law, employers previously subject to the more restrictive 60-day waiting period may now follow the federal rule (no more than a 90-day waiting period) as described in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Insurance carriers may not impose their own waiting periods.

    How Exact Staff can help:

    Allow us to conduct a free workforce consultation to develop the best staffing strategy for your business. Our solutions can help you: control insurance costs; ensure proper compliance with federal and state regulations; and ensure your organization has the optimal staff to meet your business demands.

    2. AB 1634 (Stiffer Employer Penalties for Failure to Abate Workplace Safety Hazards)

    What you need to know:

    This law creates stiffer penalties for employers who fail to abate workplace safety hazards. Among other things, it prevents the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) from modifying civil penalties unless the employer does one or more of the following:

    • Abates the violation at the time of inspection;
    • Abates the violation during a subsequent inspection (prior to citation issuance);
    • Submits a signed statement (under penalty of perjury) and supporting evidence to show that the violation has been abated.

    How Exact Staff can help:

    Exact Staff believes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We work with you to ensure our employees are properly trained to work safely at your location. Our staffing experts, proudly offering support to clients across the country, will review your site to assess work conditions, identify potential hazards, and ensure adequate training and protection for the temporary workers we provide. Our goal is to help reduce your risks, while delivering the reliable people your business needs.

Getting Ahead in 2015 | Motivating Your Workforce to Crush Deadlines

01/26/15 8:29 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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“This customer is going to be really upset if we miss this deadline.”

“You’re going to have to pick up the pace.”

“C’mon, you can do it…”

When your company is up against it, do your attempts to motivate really energize your team – or do you just sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher?

Endlessly repeating “motivational messages” isn’t the best way to get peak performance from your employees. In fact, they’ll just wind up tuning you out.

So what does work?

Today, Exact Staff shares four tips for motivating your workforce to crush deadlines – without nagging:

Break it Down

If a huge project or order seems overwhelming to your team, cut it down to size for them. Help employees focus (and keep from feeling overwhelmed) by breaking that big goal into several smaller ones. Track progress visually on a spreadsheet or white board, so everyone can see progress toward the goal for themselves.

Dangle a Carrot

Determine, as a group, how you’ll celebrate hitting that big deadline. It could be an early completion incentive, a lunch party or anything else that drives your team (and works with your budget). Offering a reward for a job well done is a much more positive – and effective – motivator than nagging or “cracking a whip.”

Recognize Immediately and Frequently

Don’t wait until the job is complete to praise employees. Each time an individual or group hits one of your intermediate goals, celebrate it. Something as simple as a public announcement, or a pat on the back with a sincere “thank you,” can be enough to keep people working hard for you.

Support Optimal Productivity

Resist the temptation to push employees to their limits in order to meet your deadline. A better way to keep them motivated is by supporting sustained, high productivity levels. Do whatever you can to help team members pace themselves, eat/drink properly, minimize distractions and take frequent breaks.

Another great way to motivate your team?

Provide extra support when your employees need it most. When deadlines are tight and the stakes are high, Exact Staff can quickly deliver talented professionals to help you get your work done. Bring in our temporary employees to increase your capacity or perform non-core activities. We’ll keep your team focused and productive so you can crush those deadlines.

Making 2015 a Year for You | Promoting Health and Wellness at Work to Improve Overall Productivity

01/20/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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Looking for ways to increase attendance, engagement, productivity and profitability?

Consider implementing an employee wellness program. A recent fastcompany.com post cited a number of the benefits employee wellness programs offer, including:

Decreased Absenteeism

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on average, a man with a healthy weight misses two fewer days per year due to illness or injury than overweight/obese employees (three days per year, as compared to five). That may not sound like much, but if a significant portion of your workforce is overweight, two days per employee can add up to a lot of missed work each year.

Increased Engagement

Most busy employees appreciate solid wellness programs that offer things like exercise advice, healthy eating tips and convenient access to health screenings. The offerings make people feel as though their employers care, which ultimately drives engagement and productivity levels.

Effective wellness programs are also shown to control preventable healthcare costs, reduce stress, and lower workers compensation and disability costs. Properly implemented, they can be “just what the doctor ordered” for your organization’s bottom line.

From weight management programs to massage therapy, your options for offerings are limited only by your imagination and budget. How can you make sure your efforts are effective? Use these ideas from Exact Staff for promoting health and wellness in your organization to improve overall productivity:

Determine Your Goals

Are you trying to lower costs, make your organization more attractive to job seekers or increase employee productivity? Before deciding which programs to offer, know what you want to achieve.

Set Aside Sufficient Funds

To be effective, your wellness program must be adequately funded. Depending upon how yours is structured, the Wellness Councils of America estimates that a program can cost anywhere from $10 to $125 per employee.

Encourage Participation

Obviously, your wellness program won’t succeed unless your staff participates. Get employees excited and involved by offering incentives such as:

  • lower healthcare premiums or co-pays
  • cash contributions to HSAs or other reimbursement accounts
  • point-based reward systems for program participation

Track Results

Once you implement your program, conduct long-term studies to measure employee participation rates, absenteeism levels, workers’ compensation claim rates, productivity levels and program costs. Based on the data you collect, make adjustments to your program to increase its effectiveness.

How is a Wellness Program Similar to Exact Staff?

They can both help you combat rising healthcare costs, decrease work-related stress, improve employee productivity and gain a competitive recruiting edge. Want to learn more about the positives of working with our team? Contact Exact Staff today.

Unemployment Rate Continues to Decline | And What This Means for You (the Job Seeker)

01/13/15 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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Need some good news?

Here are a few encouraging job statistics for you:

  • Unemployment is down.
    According to the latest U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics (BLS) Employment Situation report, the unemployment rate declined to 5.6% in December, 2014.
  • More women are finding jobs.
    Demographically, adult women experienced biggest reduction in unemployment. Adult men, teenagers, whites, blacks and Hispanics showed little change.
  • In 2014, total employment rose by 2.95 million.
    This is the largest advance since 1984.

So, what does all of this mean for you and your job search?

At first glance, these numbers are great news. More jobs and lower unemployment means that there may be fewer candidates vying for the same positions. In fact, employers across the nation are experiencing candidate shortages in several major job categories.

Bear these points in mind as you search for your next job:

  • “Unemployment” is very specifically defined by the BLS.
    If you work just one hour a month, you’re considered “employed” – even if it doesn’t pay the bills.
  • Some positions and industries experienced higher growth than others.
    Here’s a quick overview of the categories that showed the biggest gains in December:

    • Professional and business services – up 52,000 jobs
    • Construction – up 48,000 jobs
    • Food services and drinking places – up 44,000 jobs
    • Health care – up 34,000 jobs
    • Manufacturing – up 17,000 jobs

How can you find the best employment opportunities in today’s employment market?
Start your confidential search with Exact Staff. With a range of administrative, industrial, call center, legal, IT, technical, medical, accounting, finance and professional opportunities, our staffing experts are committed to matching you with the most challenging, highest paying and rewarding career opportunities.

In today’s improving economy, you can find much more than “just a job.” Let Exact Staff help you uncover the perfect opportunity.

Leave 2014 in the Past and Make 2015 Your Breakout Year

12/26/14 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice | Leave a Comment
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Find a better job.

Get that raise.

Start a new career.

Made a career New Year’s resolution like one of these? Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward improving your future.

To maximize your chances of success, start with a clean slate. Use these suggestions from Exact Staff to put the past behind you, so you can gear up for a successful 2015:

Forgive yourself.

Everybody makes mistakes! If you were fired from your job, lacked motivation in your job search, or made a big blunder at work in 2014, beating yourself up about it won’t change the facts. So let yourself off the hook – and let go of negative thoughts that undermine your confidence and motivation.

Learn from your mistakes.

Apply an “every cloud has a silver lining” mentality to your career, using a past slip-up as a learning tool. What would you do differently if you had the chance? What beneficial lesson could you take away from a negative experience at work? Instead of focusing on the mistake itself, focus on how you can grow from it (and vow not to let it happen again).

Focus on your assets.

Despite what may have happened in the past, you have marketable skills, experience and a unique personality to offer a potential employer. Make a list of what you like about yourself, as well as your prior accomplishments. Use these positives as a foundation for sprucing up your resume and your mindset for the future.

Visualize success.

One of the best ways to succeed at something is by creating a mental picture of yourself achieving your goal. Imagine the specific steps you have to take to get there – and write them down. Here’s an example:
If you want a raise, picture yourself taking more responsibility at work. Detail five ways you could show more initiative or exceed expectations, and then visualize yourself doing each. By creating a mental image of success, you’re more likely to transform your goal into reality.

Another great way to make 2015 your breakout year?

Make Exact Staff your career partner. Whether you want to improve your work situation, explore a new career or land a job with your target employer, we can help. Search for jobs in your area or contact an Exact Staff recruiter to get started.

Does Your Company Culture Encourage Employees to Think Outside the Box?

12/22/14 8:38 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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“We’ve always done it this way.”

“That’ll never work.”

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

If sayings like this are common in your workplace, your culture might be stifling creativity and innovation.

Is that a problem? If you want to ensure continued growth and success, absolutely! After all, if everyone within your organization continues to do things the same way, year after year, your products, services or processes will soon become outdated – even obsolete.

Don’t get left behind. Use these tips from Exact Staff to foster a culture that encourages employees to “think outside the box” and fuels innovation:

Give employees the freedom they need.

When employees are micromanaged, it sends an unspoken message that their independent thought isn’t valued. Help employees set appropriate goals for their performance. Then, as much as possible, show that you trust them by giving them their freedom. When your team has the flexibility to accomplish tasks as they see fit, they’re generally more satisfied in their work – and may develop even better ways to get things done!

Challenge the status quo.

Teach your employees to ask questions like: “What if we did this differently?” and “How could we improve this?” Encourage workers at all levels to share new ideas, to disagree without being disagreeable and to strive for continual improvement (even when something isn’t “broken”).

Make it okay to fail.

What happens when an employee misses the mark in your organization? To create a culture that supports innovation, outline acceptable parameters for taking calculated risks. And when an employee tries a new idea but fails, don’t punish or reprimand him. Instead, help him learn from the mistake.

Foster a more positive work environment.

Not surprisingly, an oppressive culture stifles creativity. If your culture permits bullying, intimidation or the like, do whatever you can to turn it around. Enlist your biggest “offenders” in developing a more supportive environment that encourages new ways of thinking.

Elevate employees’ thinking.

Inspire your team to spend time each day thinking beyond their own jobs. Hold periodic sessions dedicated to brainstorming, team-building or other thought-provoking activities that spur creative thinking.

Fuel growth and success with a smart staffing strategy.

In addition to developing the right culture, partnering with a leading staffing agency like Exact Staff is a great way to ensure profitable growth.

To develop the best solution for your organization, we invite you to schedule a free workforce consultation with us. Together we can assess your needs, brainstorm options and design creative strategies to help you overcome whatever workforce or hiring challenges you face.

Preparing for January 2015 | Laws to Pay Attention to (part 2)

12/12/14 4:09 PM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers | Leave a Comment
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Will it be a truly Happy New Year for your business?

It depends on how prepared you are for 21 new laws that may be affecting your business, that is!

Staying up-to-date and compliant is essential to making the new year both happy and profitable for your organization. Today, Exact Staff offers some help. In the second of our two-part series, we summarize two more laws that should be on your radar.

If you missed the first post on California employment laws that went into effect January 1, 2015, you can read that by viewing our recent blog posts.

While this review is not intended as legal advice, it will help you better understand the immediate impact the new legislation will have on California organizations and the long term impact they may have on organizations across the country– as well as the ways our staffing firm can help.

1. AB 1650 (Requesting Criminal Conviction Information)

What you need to know:

Commonly known as the “Fair Chance Employment Act,” AB 1650 prohibits certain contractors (those who submit a bid to the state for a job involving on-site, construction-related services) from asking applicants of those jobs to disclose – either verbally or in writing – information about their criminal conviction history.

While this law is quite specific in terms of the jobs covered, it is part of the larger issue of background check compliance that’s a hot topic for many businesses today. Continually changing laws, and an increasingly vigilant Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), have made the process of protecting your company – and making great hires – more complex and risky than ever.

The best way to stay compliant? Create a comprehensive background check policy that is in writing, uses objective criteria, and is applied to every candidate in the same way.

How Exact Staff can help:

  • Bring in temporary employees to provide support when needed. As their employer of record, we assume all risks and liabilities related to their screening and hiring.
  • Allow us to handle your recruiting. We stay up-to-date on the rapidly changing world of hiring law. Trust us to screen candidates properly, perform legal background checks and reference interviews on your behalf, and then present the best candidates to you.

2. AB 1897 (Joint Employer Liability for Labor Provider’s Wage and Hour Violations)

What you need to know:

Under the new Labor Code section 2810.3, if a “labor contractor” (such as a staffing firm) fails to pay required wages or to secure adequate workers’ compensation coverage, the organization for whom the workers are providing services “shall share with the labor contactor all civil legal responsibility and civil liability for all workers supplied” to the company.

AB 1897:

  • Contains several exemptions from its coverage (e.g., employers with fewer than 25 workers, non-profits and union hiring halls).
  • Includes detailed criteria for defining what a “labor contractor” is and isn’t.
  • Specifically prohibits any attempt to contract around the law’s requirements.
  • Does NOT prevent an organization from contracting for indemnification by the labor contractor for its wage and hour violations.

How Exact Staff can help:

If you’re concerned about potential co-employment liabilities, just give us a call. Our experts are here to explain everything we do to comply with all federal, state and local legislation related to paying required wages and securing valid workers’ compensation coverage.

Number of Long-Term Unemployed Professionals Continues to Decline

11/30/14 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Employers, News | Leave a Comment
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America is getting back to work.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) latest data, our nation’s employment situation continues to improve. Here are a few key statistics from the BLS Economic News Release:

  • The unemployment rate (5.8 percent) declined in October, down 0.8 percent since the beginning of the year.
  • Currently at 9.0 million, the number of unemployed persons has dropped by 1.2 million since the year’s start.
  • Total nonfarm employment increased by 214,000 in October, continuing its average monthly incline for the last 12 months.
  • Though the number of long-term unemployed (those who are jobless for 27 weeks or more) was little changed for October (currently at 2.9 million), this figure has declined by 1.1 million over the past 12 months.

But the News Isn’t All Good.

The long-term unemployed may be slowly returning to the workforce, but they still account for an astounding 32 percent of the unemployed. During the recession, the long-term unemployment rate more than quadrupled, so the declines we’ve seen recently are not enough to return the rate to pre-recession levels.

To make matters worse, a long employment gap creates a stigma that’s tough to overcome when looking for work. Recruiters may automatically pass over candidates who have been out of work for an extended period in favor of those with a more stable recent work history.

Should You Hire the Long-Term Unemployed?

If you’re hesitant to hire a professional with a substantial employment gap, consider Exact Staff’s temp-to-hire option. This strategy is good for your business, good for candidates and good for our economy:

  • In a time when unemployment has fallen below 6%, your business needs to consider every potential source of talent – including those who have been out of the job force for awhile. Temp-to-hire offers a risk-free way to evaluate these individuals through a “working interview” and see if their skills, experience and personality fit your requirements.
  • The ranks of the unemployed include talented, educated people with sought-after skills and decades of experience (in other words, exceptional job candidates!). Temp-to-hire offers a path to direct employment for this group, allowing them to showcase their abilities on the job, boost their confidence and earn good money.
  • Although unemployment rates have been on a steady decline, millions of good people remain unemployed (though it may be no fault of their own). Temp-to-hire allows them to once again become productive members of our workforce – which is great for the economic recovery.

Want to learn more? Contact Exact Staff to learn more about our temp-to-hire staffing option.

The Future of the Paper Resume

11/29/14 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice, News | Leave a Comment
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Ahhh, the paper resume. That beautiful sheet of expensive, heavy-weight stock that summarizes your greatest accomplishments, relevant skills, employment history and (if you even have room for it!) your name.

Is its future as bleak as those career advice sites would lead you to believe?

Yes and no.

You Still Need a Paper Resume for a Variety of Reasons:

  • While interviewing, recruiters often prefer to take notes directly on your paper resume.
  • Many businesses (especially smaller ones) have yet to invest in sophisticated digital recruiting technology.
  • Though QR codes on business cards are slick, a paper resume is still the norm at job fairs. Handing over a professional-looking paper resume, printed on high-quality stock, shows that you understand the recruiting “rules of engagement” and are willing to follow them.

But those “rules of engagement” are rapidly evolving. With the advent of online job boards and a dizzying array of digital submission options, a printed piece is no longer sufficient.

Creating a Resume that Stands Out in a Modern Job Search:

  • Create multiple versions of your resume. In today’s recruiting environment, you need plain-text, .pdf, mobile-compatible and ATS-friendly versions of your resume to complement your printed piece. Make sure each is customized to the job you want and adheres to the latest standards.
  • Test each version. How will your resume display if it’s emailed? If it’s uploaded to Dropbox or Google Docs? Make sure you test the file formats you use to ensure they display accurately when sent digitally. Read application instructions carefully to see what versions an employer accepts. Use common fonts to minimize display errors. And when in doubt, upload or attach a .pdf version as a back-up.
  • Include hyperlinks. Have an impressive professional website, blog or online portfolio? Link to it directly from your digital resume. Be smart and also upload digital versions of sample documents directly, so recruiters can access them even if links break or servers go down.
  • Consider replacing your old “objective statement.” If your career objective is too general or pretentious, it could hurt your candidacy. Make sure yours is concise, specific and results-focused – otherwise, it’s wasting valuable space. To grab a recruiter’s attention, consider switching to a tagline, which is a statement of what you do or what your area of specialty is.

Need More Help with Your Professional Resume?

Exact Staff recruiters are here to support your job search efforts. Whether you’re seeking temporary, contract or direct employment, our employment experts can provide valuable resume tips, interview feedback and career guidance to make your search a success. Contact our team of experienced recruiters today for more information!

Turning a Temporary Job You Like into a Career You LOVE

11/21/14 10:00 AM | By :Exact Staff | Categories : Career Advice, Job Seekers, News | Leave a Comment
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The economy is improving. Employers are hiring again.

It’s a great time to find your dream job!

But if you’re going the traditional job-search route and applying to positions online, you’re missing out on the “inside employment track” temporary positions provide.

The truth is, temporary assignments are a smart way to build your skills – and transition into a career you love. Assignments with Exact Staff help you:

  • Get your foot in the door with leading employers;
  • Access unadvertised job opportunities; and
  • Check out cultures and work environments firsthand.

So if you’re looking to get hired directly, use these tips from Exact Staff to make the most of every assignment and put yourself in prime position for a job offer:

Choose Assignments Strategically.

If you want to showcase your talents on the job, opt for longer-term assignments. Try to land opportunities in industries and companies where you might like to work.

Treat Each Assignment Like a Direct Job.

Initiative, a positive attitude and a strong work ethic will get you on an employer’s radar. If you finish work ahead of schedule, ask for more! Remember, any assignment you take has the potential to launch your career. If an employer is impressed with your performance, even a short-term opportunity could lead to the job you want.

Dress for the Job You Want.

This sounds obvious, but it bears mention. By dressing the part, you will fit in better and feel more confident while on assignment. Without saying a word, you’ll send the message that you take the opportunity seriously (and that you want to be taken seriously, too).

Share Your Insights.

Have an idea that would save time, save money or increase productivity? Find the right moment to share it tactfully and humbly. Presented correctly, your fresh ideas can be a great way to get noticed while on assignment.

Communicate Your Intentions.

If the assignment is going well and you’d like to pursue direct employment with the organization, tell us. We can advocate on your behalf and negotiate a transition if the opportunity becomes available.

Stay Optimistic.

By their very definition, temporary assignments are designed to eventually come to an end. But even if an assignment doesn’t lead to a direct job, consider what you’ve gained in terms of skills, experience, new contacts and income. Set your sights on your next opportunity with us.

Looking for Exciting Opportunities to Advance Your Career?

The experts at Exact Staff are serious about finding you the most challenging, highest paying and rewarding career opportunities. With positions at every employment level and in a wide variety of fields, including administrative, accounting/financial, legal, medical/dental, technical, sales and engineering, we can help you find a career you love. Contact our experienced team of recruiters today!